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Angola, a former Portuguese colony, is located in southwest Africa, between the Democratic Republic of Congo in the north and Namibia in the south. This immense country is composed of a vast plateau, mountains reaching 2,600 metres, deserts, tropical zones and 1,000 miles of Atlantic coastline. Still relatively visited by tourists, Angola is a destination with huge potential. Its great geographical diversity make it an ideal place to observe flora and fauna in a natural setting. Between its tropical forests and vast savannah, you can go on safari in reserves which shelter lions, cheetahs, elephants, hippopotami, rhinoceroses and gazelles. Kisama National Park’s magnificent savannah is dotted with superb baobabs.
Sites of natural beauty abound. At 115 metres high, the Kalendula Falls, framed with verdant flora are impressively grand while the views from the high cliffs across the Tundavela Crevice are sublime.
Although it is now a modern port town, the capital, Luanda is a historic place marked by centuries of Portuguese colonisation. There are numerous museums to discover, including the National Slavery Museum, cathedrals and colonial era churches in the heart of the old town. The dazzling white Fortress São Miguel, built by the Portuguese in the 16th century overlooks the ocean. The country’s beautiful beaches offer the opportunity for a range of water sports, including surfing and diving.

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