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Discovering Bolivia could begin with a visit to, La paz, the administrative capital where modern architecture coexists with centuries old monuments: colonial churches (such as the San Francisco Cathedral), the art museum, Plaza Murillo and the surprising Mirador Killi Killi are all unmissable sights. Your days in La Paz and the surrounding area will be filled with memories. Then head out for an excursion to Lake Titicaca and the Isla del Sol before hiking through one of the southern national parks. Strolling through the streets of Tarija, Potosi and Villa de Cochabamba is like stepping back in time to the colonial era. And don't miss the breathtaking scenery of Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flats in the world or the northern parks and reserves in the heart of the Amazon.

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Bolivia perfectly captures everything we imagine about South America: from colourful La Paz surrounded by dazzling mountains, to the mythical Amazon and its countless rivers. Bolivia has retained traces of its history laden past where Jesuit missions can be found side by side with traditional villages. The wide open spaces, eerie landscapes, a deeply rooted culture and the friendly people make Bolivia a fulfilling destination. If you are travelling as a family, taking a romantic break or looking for adventure, Bolivia has something for every traveller.

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Overview of 8 tourist regions

photo Beni


A land of rivers and lakes, the region is known for the incredible, unique tours of the the flora and fauna in the heart of the jungle. The region is also filled with archaeological ruins waiting to to be discovered.

photo Chuquisaca & Tarija

Chuquisaca & Tarija

These two regions offer several natural and cultural riches. Among them, the Incamachay cave paintings, the Maragua Crater, Castillo Azul and the Casa Dorada. The area is also known for its wine production.

photo Cochabama


In the heart of the Cordillera's central valley, Torotoro National Park has an eerie beauty, whereas Cochabama offers typical Bolivian cultural activities.

photo La Paz

La Paz

The administrative capital of the country, La Paz makes a good starting point for a trip to Bolivia. It is a city surrounded by the mountains of the Cordillera Real, where the modern contrasts with colonial heritage. The area around La Paz should be explored - Lake Titicaca is without any doubt one of Bolivia's highlights.

photo Oruro


This mountainous region in the west of the country is known mainly for the carnival which takes place in February. It is a perfect example of Andean culture. Among the majestic peaks, Oruro and Lake Poopo are must sees.

photo Pando


Hidden within the virgin forest, this area is still relatively unknown to tourists. The more adventurous can travel the area along impressive rivers such as the Mamoré. Indigenous ethnic groups still live in this area.

photo Potosi


This area is home to the largest salt flats in the world. A surprising, immense, bleached white landscape. Potosi is equally well worth visiting. This city was once among the most prosperous in the world thanks to its mines which can still be visited. The city is now classed as a cultural and natural world heritage site.

photo Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the commercial heart of the country, with a range of cultural and open air activities to take part in. In Chiquitania you will find Jesuit missions, churches and museums to visit.

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Direct flights are available from the UK, and a return flight to discover Bolivia's delights will set you back from £800. There are several airports in the Bolivia, allowing swift travel around the country. Buses are cheaper but slower. Comfort is minimal, but savings can be made. If you are over 25 years old, cars can be hired in most cities. Be warned that Bolivian driving can be somewhat surprising, and petrol stations are few and far between.

Carte des incontournables BOLIVIA