What to do in Brazil? 15 activity ideas

Claire, Journalist and travel blogger
Claire, Journalist and travel blogger

Brazil is one of my favourite countries. Having travelled there for 6 months, I still carry with me the joie de vivre that animates Brazil and makes us see the world differently. If you have the chance to visit Brazil, you will soon be won over by the warmth of the Brazilians, the beauty of the landscape, and the richness of the culture. Here are some suggestions to help you fully experience the adventure that is waiting for you in Brazil.
For the athletic, learn Capoeira, go surfing, diving, dance or go hiking. Want to relax? Unwind on some of the most beautiful beaches, or take a cruise to see beautiful landscapes and marine animals. To learn more about Brazilian culture, take part in a carnival, discover local food culture, attend a concert, a football match, or take a guided tour with a local expert. Finally, if you are looking for thrills, take a helicopter ride, explore the Amazon rainforest, or try an extreme sport. However you like to travel, you will always find an activity to your liking.

  • Relax on the beach
    Carneiros Beach

    Relax on the beach

    Fine sand, warm clear water, coconut trees, multicoloured birds. What more could you want from Brazilian beaches? Beaches here are so exquisite it would be regretful not to visit them. Take the time to relax, enjoy the scenery, swim among the fish, get yourself a fresh coconut or a good cocktail. It will be a special moment that will allow you to forget your troubles and return from your trip completely refreshed.

  • Sail the Amazon

    Sail the Amazon

    Along the coast or on the Amazon, take a cruise and let yourself be seduced by Brazil’s magnificent natural beauty. Idyllic beaches, marine animals, lagoons, indigenous villages, Brazil is full of hidden treasures, accessible only by water. Led by local guides, take an alternative way to explore the country’s incredible beauty.

  • Go to a concert
    Local music group in praia Vermelha

    Go to a concert

    In Brazil, music can be heard everywhere and at any time. Samba, bossa nova, reggae, all styles are represented and very often played live by talented bands. Visit cafés, squares or concert halls to attend a concert. You will soon be carried away by the intoxicating rhythms and will discover new sounds, specific to each region.

  • Attend a football match
    Brazilian football team

    Attend a football match

    If there is a sport which transcends boundaries in Brazil, it's football. In neighbourhoods as on beaches, football is played everywhere and at every age. Want to join in? Don’t hesitate. The locals, will be delighted to welcome you. If the opportunity arises, watch a match in one of the country’s iconic stadiums. In the midst of such fervent fans, it is a powerfully emotional experience.

  • Visit great cities with a local guide
    The statue of Christ the Redeemer on Mount Corcovado

    Visit great cities with a local guide

    Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, Recife, Sao Paulo. These great cities are beautiful and full of riches. Ideally, visit them with a local guide - not only will you get to see the indispensable sites and learn about the culture and history of these cities, you will be introduced to the quiet corners known only by locals. You can even customise your tour with a theme: Architecture, cookery, carnival. Just follow your desires.

  • Savour Brazilian cuisine
    Brazilian dishes

    Savour Brazilian cuisine

    Every region of Brazil has its own culinary specialties. Barbecues, seafood, a rainbow of fruits… don’t hesitate to sample all these tasty dishes. Whether in the big restaurants or street vendors’ stalls, you will be surprised by the wealth of produce Brazil has to offer. You can even take cookery classes, and come back with the finest recipes to recreate at home.

  • Party during a carnival
    Rio carnival

    Party during a carnival

    Carnaval is more than just an event, it is inextricable from and sacred to Brazil. If you get the chance to visit between January and March (the dates change every year), then don’t miss the opportunity to witness Carnaval. Every city, from the largest to the smallest, organises their own carnival, each in a different style. Troops of dancers, floats, bands, famous artists, and spectators in fancy dress, bring together all the elements for an exceptional experience.

  • Venture into the Amazon rainforest
    Excursion in the Amazonian rainforest

    Venture into the Amazon rainforest

    Mysterious and legendary, a visit to the Amazon rainforest deserves several days and it is best to be accompanied by good guides. Take a guided tour by Jeep or boat with locals who know the forest like the back of their hands. With a guide, you will be able to discover this sacred place, witness the most beautiful landscapes and beautiful wildlife in complete safety. A magnificent spectacle that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Fly above Rio in a helicopter
    Flying over Rio

    Fly above Rio in a helicopter

    Some cities like Rio are real jewels. There are so many beautiful things to see that it’s difficult to know where to start. A good way to get an overview is to fly over a city by helicopter. In addition to the thrill, you can see the city in an instant but with a totally different perspective. It’s an impressive display which intensifies our feelings for Brazilian cities.

  • Thrill seeking
    Parachuting over Rio

    Thrill seeking

    Climbing, hang-gliding, parachuting - make the most of your trip to overdose on adrenaline. On the water, in the air, in the jungle or on the mountainside, discover extreme activities in each area. It's a novel way to experience new sensations and enjoy the landscape. Choose local guides who will be happy to accompany you.

  • Hike to the most beautiful panoramas
    Hiking on Pico do Papagaio

    Hike to the most beautiful panoramas

    Although Brazil is often defined by its big cities, nature also has an important place in this country. From the Atlantic coast to the Amazon, via the sand dunes, Brazil’s natural environment is impressive and varied. The best way to appreciate these landscapes is by hiking. From your hotel, you can easily take excursions for one or several days to see the hidden treasures of this beautiful country.

  • Learn to samba
    Brazilian dancers

    Learn to samba

    Do you like to dance? Why not introduce yourself to the local dances. Samba, Forro, Lambada… there are several styles of well known and lesser known dances, and they are equally enjoyable to learn. Become a carnival queen as you learn the samba, or experience the romance of Forro, the choice is yours. Several schools offer introductions and classes for all levels of ability. Or you could simply attend a performance and feast your eyes on some spectacular dancing.

  • Diving in technicolour

    Diving in technicolour

    Brazil is a country brimming with beaches, lagoons and idyllic islands. Take your mask and snorkel to discover the stunningly varied flora and fauna of the turquoise waters. Choose a diving excursion, guided by local experts, that will allow you to see the most beautiful species.

  • Ride the best waves

    Ride the best waves

    With more than 7000km of coastline, Brazil is one of the best playgrounds for surfers. Here, there are spots suitable for all levels, warm and transparent waters, bordered by other-worldly landscapes. What more could you want? Rent a board from your hotel or directly on the beaches and ask for a few lessons to conquer the Brazilian waves.

  • Learn Capoeira

    Learn Capoeira

    Capoeira, is the quintessential Brazilian sport combining dance and combat with percussive rhythms. It has descended the centuries to become symbolic of Afro-Brazilian culture. Admire the "capoeiristas" performing in the streets, especially in the Bahia region Then have a go yourself, learning the history and basics of this fascinating custom.