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Canada is a vast country with a variety of different landscapes where cultures from all over the world are reunited. If you choose to go to the East, you will be amazed by Montreal’s cultural diversity and by the beauty of Quebec’s forests and lakes. Go on a road trip up to the St. Lawrence River in the Gaspé Peninsula or go visit Ottawa and Toronto to see the Niagara Falls for a breathtaking experience. If you decide to head to the Pacific coast, you will have the opportunity to spend a week discovering local wilderness in the Northern Rocky Mountains. 620 miles South, the wild and splendid Gulf Islands are the perfect spot for surfers and kayakers. In Vancouver, you can take a walk along the ocean side while appreciating how the city coexists with nature. Whichever part of Canada you choose for your trip, you will have a wonderful time whale-watching and learning more about the First Nations. From the French-speaking city of Quebec to Victoria’s British atmosphere, a trip across Canada is a real journey around the world.

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Canada has four distinct seasons that have a direct effect on the activities you can do there. The snowy winters are ideal for skiing, the spring turns the country into green landscapes ideal for kayaking, the fall is perfect for city sightseeing and of course the summer is the best season for all outdoor activities. In western Canada, the climate can also be divided into three main categories: a mild and humid microclimate on the Pacific coast with heavy winter rains, a dry and hot summer climate in the centre of the country and a cold and dry alpine climate in the Rockies. Throughout the country, average temperatures range from 62°F (in January) to 77°F (in July and August).


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Maple syrup, smoked salmon and ice wine are great souvenirs to bring back from Canada, Inuit and Indian crafts also make beautiful decorative items.

Canadian cuisine is very tasty and as diverse as its population. Indeed, there is a big gastromonic gap between the East and the West. Regional specialties include Alberta beef and bison, which are intended to be tender and tasty, as well as salmon, halibut and grilled or fried seafood in British Columbia. In the East, you will mainly find bagels (especially in Montreal), cretons (a forcemeat-style pork spread) and of course Poutine: delicious French fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. Note that there are many different variations, with more than thirty in some restaurants in Montreal. In Saint Jean, make sure to taste the hearty tourtières. To end on a sweet note, head to a sugar shack where you can taste maple syrup, but where you can also enjoy bacon, beans, sugar pies or maple taffies! Side note: you can easily find vegan and vegetarian food in Canada. As for drinks, do not forget to take a sip of Clamato, a tomato and clam juice, which are usually served with celery or green beans soaked in vinegar. The most famous Canadian wine is "ice wine". Beer is also very popular, Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue are the most common, and tastes even better when enjoy in a country bar, to really soak up the western atmosphere of Alberta. Beer lovers will be delighted by the many microbreweries that offer a wide range of refreshing drinks.

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