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Immense fine sand beaches, transparent water that is delightful to swim in, coconut palms fluttering in the breeze… Yes, paradise does exist and it can be found in the cayman Islands.
In the middle of the Caribbean Sea, the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are British Overseas Territories, off the coast of Jamaica and south of Cuba. Here, everything is luxury, tranquility and pleasure: Magnificent and immense white sand beaches, crystal waters and gorgeous sunsets.
With their picture perfect setting, the Cayman Islands are a dream destination where you can practise a range of water sports and outdoor activities including diving (at Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park), kayaking, sailing, walking, climbing and golf.
The Cayman Island’s superb coral reef is particularly rich in flora and fauna and you can swim among dolphins and stingray and admire the numerous tropical fish and sea turtles. Exploring the beautifully preserved caves, possibly ancients haunts of pirates, is wonderful.
The quality of the food here is excellent. The islands are known for their West Indian inspired cuisine - try the local specialities of fish, shellfish and tropical fruit.
The nightlife is particularly animated with its parties and the numerous bars offering rum cocktails. Young or old, as a family or a couple or with friends, create unforgettable holiday memories on these idyllic islands.

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