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The scents of the Mediterranean fill this wild and mountainous country. Corsica is a paradise for those who love nature, hiking and water sports. This small island, known as ‘the Isle of Beauty’ for its splendid countryside is also full of historic places and innumerable picturesque villages which have kept their authenticity.
Corsica possesses a wonderful natural heritage. The GR20, the footpath which crosses the island from north to south, provides sublime views of the mountains. The Aiguilles de Bavella, spectacular cliffs, rise over 1,800 metres and there are numerous glacial lakes surrounded by rocky slopes. Another exceptional site is the Scandola natural reserve. This UNESCO world heritage site has breathtaking views across the small islands, caves and the jagged volcanic rocks which rise from the deep blue sea. A protected marine reserve, its biodiversity is very rich and includes a number of endemic species. Equally remarkable are the ‘calanques’ (rocky inlets) in Piena which can be visited by boat, on foot or by car along the length of a magnificent route lined with sheer rocks, sculpted by time into strange shapes.
The numerous villages which pepper the island are witness to a rich history, as are Calvi, the medieval city and fort, Porto’s Genoise tower, the small pleasure port of Propriano surrounded by turquoise water, Bonifacio perched on impressive cliffs and Porto Vechio with its lively harbour and sandy beach. In the heart of the mountains, among the fragrant hills is the splendid hilltop fort of Corte.
You can visit the capital, Ajacio’s cathedral nestled in the heart of the old town and the house where Napoleon was born. In the north, Bastia’s marina possesses all the charm of a southern European city.
With plenty more jewels to be discovered, visiting Corsica is a true delight.

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