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At the crossroads of Central Europe, Croatia attracts visitors from all over the world. The country’s culture has been influenced by many civilisations over the years including Illyrian, Celtic, Greek, Roman, Venetian, Italian, Hungarian, French and Austrian! These thousands of Croatian islands are home to natural treasures, architectural wonders, lakes, waterfalls and a number of enchanting villages, making Croatia a great choice for your next getaway!

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During the Summer months, the coasts of both Istria and Dalmatia are warm and sunny. In the winter however temperatures drop and the weather can be quite windy and rainy. Generally speaking, winters in Croatia are quite cold and summers, surprisingly hot.
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June to September is perfect beach weather (Sea temperature varies between 71°F and 77°F)
May to September is ideal for visiting


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- Locals tend to be dangerous drivers
-Fewer sandy beaches on the Adriatic coast.

- The Mljet coastlines
- The Plitvice lakes
- The fauna and flora of national parks
- The museums and cultural vibe in Zagreb
- Dubrovnik, rightly named “the pearl of the Adriatic"
- The mild climate in Croatia.

Croatian handicrafts are great gifts to take back home. Head to Pag island near Zadar to purchase local lace linen, or take home some lavender oil and stone trinkets from the island of Hvar. Golden jewelry and silk ties from Zagreb also make nice souvenirs. While you're in Zadar, don’t forget to pick up some Korcula sweets, Croatian wine and maraschino liqueur.

Whether it’s grilled, roasted or breaded like svinjetina, Croatians often serve meat with a side dish of goulash and stuffed or marinated cabbage. Try some Slavonian specialities, including the well-known kulen sausage, štrukli cheese from Zagreb and smoked ham from Dalmatia. Most restaurants will serve local dishes such as steamed octopus and gregada, buzzara or stewed grilled fish.You can also try out Croatian ćevapčići meatballs, burek puff pastries, pepper and aubergine puree called ajvar, sirni cheese or paški sir. For dessert your tastebuds will surely enjoy a little slice of kremšnite, savijače, baklave or rožata.

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