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From the plains of the north, partly bordered by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, to the plateaus and mountains of the centre and the Bavarian Alps in the far south, Germany offers a great variety of landscapes and remarkable natural spaces. Intersected by the Danube to the south and the Rhine to the west, Germany has a hundred natural parks along its coast or in the mountains, dotted by lakes and forests, which make a destination greatly appreciated by lovers of nature and untamed land. The Black Forest National Park is an enchanting place of deep forests and clear lakes. Berchtesgarden, criss-crossed with footpaths, is an imposing setting of spectacular views of the mountains. Whereas the Schlessig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park on the coast captivates with the wild beauty of its dunes and beaches.
Germany’s past is rich and the country is endowed with considerable architectural and cultural heritage. Cities such as Munich, Dresden and Berlin are known for their prestigious museums and remarkable monuments. A number of castles are scattered throughout the land, such as the impressive Sanssouci in Potsdam, modelled on Versailles, and the famous Bavarian castles of which the best known is Neuschwanstein, built on a rocky spur which dominates the plain below. Cologne and Aachen’s gothic cathedrals are classed as a UNESCO world heritage sites.
Germany can also be discovered strolling through its many picturesque villages, each as charming as the next, with their brightly coloured half-timbered houses, brick facades and gothic churches.

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