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Barely 4 miles square, the tiny island state is famous for its impressive cliffs which rise 420 metres above the sea. It is a singular place with a twin identity that you will enjoy visiting.
Located south of Spain, but a British Crown Dependency, Gibraltar enjoys a Mediterranean climate and setting, with a very British atmosphere. It is the perfect mix of Andalucien culture and British traditions. English is the official language, but many residents speak Castilian or the local patois, a surprising mixture of both languages.
You will enjoy strolling along Main Street (the main street!) and shopping in the numerous boutiques. This entirely pedestrianised road leads to the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, built in a moorish style. Red telephone boxes, bobbies, the cars and the pubs where fish and chips are eaten are all reminiscent of Great Britain.
A visit to the rock of Gibraltar is essential. It is home to a nature reserve which shelters over 600 plant species and the famous macaques. The more athletic can climb its slopes, but a cable car takes tourists to the top of the rock from which there is a sublime view of the straits of Gibraltar. Opposite, the coast of Africa can be clearly seen. To the west is the port of Algesiras and behind you the Costa del Sol.
You can also find St. Michael’s cave on the rock, one of the most beautiful limestone caves in Europe, decorated with spellbindingly beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

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