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Welcome to Karukera, the ‘island of beautiful waters’. Guadeloupe, ‘butterfly island’ - with its two surprisingly beautiful and different ‘wings’. Grand Terre, the larger and more touristic island will charm you with its lovely beaches , while Basse Terre is untamed and will surprise you with its tropical forest - a paradise for walkers and adventurers. Divers can find an exceptional sea bed here and the famous Cousteau Reserve. Sea lovers can roam around the islands of Saintes, Marie Galante and Désirade. Here, nature reigns luxuriantly in its resplendent colours. Local cuisine will awaken your tastebuds - try the famous ‘tourment d’amour’ and chicken colombo. Then there is the local coffee, chocolate, ginger and spices. The rum and the zouk will take care of you as you plunge into the carnival atmosphere.

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Carlie's tips, Local guide in Guadeloupe

Carlie's tips, Local guide in Guadeloupe


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