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An exceptional country of breathtaking beauty, Honduras is a Central American country bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the north, Guatemela to the east and Nicuragua and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Neglected by tourists, it is nevertheless a country with a rich cultural heritage and a wide variety of landscapes.
Here you will find one of the largest coral reefs in the world, not far from the Bay Islands. The marine reserve is a divers’ paradise and the white sand beaches and clear waters are an ideal setting for lazing in the sun and swimming.
Covered in the luxuriant vegetation of the tropical forest, Honduras has a number of nature reserves with a remarkable biodiversity. You have a choice between Punta Sal National Park surrounded by lagoons, Pico Bonito’s exceptional flora and fauna and the Lancetilla Botanical Gardens with 250 species of tropical bird. Fans of nature, hiking and adventure will be knocked out.
Honduras also has a rich colonial and architectural heritage which will delight history buffs. Don’t miss one of the major Mayan sites, the ruins of Copán in the heart of the jungle. The most visited attraction in the country, it is a UNESCO world heritage site. You will be amazed by these richly sculpted and finely decorated ruins, the majesty of their pyramids and the beautiful stela representing the the kings of Copán.

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