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A very mountainous region, with some of its peaks attaining more than 3,000 metres, and scattered with high plateaus and desert, Iran is a little known destination which deserves to be visited. The beautiful architecture and numerous archaeological sites are witness to millennia of rich history. From the Persian Empire to its Arab and Turk heritage, Iran’s treasury of natural and cultural riches make it a destination of choice. Iran is home to more than 20 UNESCO world heritage sites.
Who isn’t moved by mention of the Persian city of Persepolis? Or Isfahan, the legendary verdant garden-city with its lavish palace decorated with delicate blue mosaics? Who doesn’t dream of following in the footsteps of Alexander the Great or travelling the fabulous silk road? And who doesn’t want to visit Shiraz, the ‘city of poets’, and immerse themselves in the Tales of the 1,001 Nights, its magnificent mosques, marvellous gardens and its bazaar perfumed with the scent of the Orient?
The capital, Tehran is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is worth visiting for its lively atmosphere, immense parks, blue mosques and the surprising, modern Azadi Tower, as well as its numerous museums which relate the country’s distinguished past and civilisations.
It is also worth discovering Iran for its grandiose landscapes, the beautiful Dasht-e Kavir desert in the centre of the country, the two national parks classed UNESCO biosphere reserves, picturesque little villages such as Masouleh, surrounded by dense forest, and for its popular seaside resorts on the Caspian Sea.
Full of authenticity, Iran will entrance you with its beauty and charm you with a warm welcome.

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