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Tuscany is not the only place which evokes images of medieval villages and extraordinary valleys. Umbria and Marche are extraordinarily beautiful and sum up all of Italy between them: fields of golden wheat, peppered with wild flowers and vineyards on the rolling hills. Umbria, the true heart of Italy is a region dotted with medieval villages and exceptional monuments. Marche is characterised by the snowy peaks of the Apennines to the west and the Adriatic coast to the east. Orchards and vines as far as the eye can see and the Sibillini Mountains create a unique landscape. The rich history of the area is reflected in the religious heritage of the medieval towns, churches and monasteries. Then there is lavish Emilia Romagna, exemplified by Bologna, a centre of tourism and culture, where Europe’s oldest university can be found. Its neighbouring towns have preserved their Renaissance heritage. Emilia Romagna’s landscape is a wonderful contrast of sea and mountains. Central Italy is the ideal place to enjoy colourful scenery, relax at table and stroll through its valleys, stopping here and there at a cathedral, medieval village or natural park.

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