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At over 1,000 metres, the high plateaus of this east African country dominate the republic of Malawi. It is a country which stretches over 500 miles from north to south but is barely 100 miles wide. Landlocked by Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania, this sub-tropical country is slowly opening up to tourism.
Endowed with natural parks protecting exceptional flora and fauna, Malawi is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The country will surprise you with the immense variety of its beautiful terrain: Huge mountains, abrupt cliffs, verdant valleys and pasture, fertile plains, dense tropical forests, and a vast lake of clear water.
Mount Mulanje, the country’s highest point, with its vertiginous peaks and network of footpaths is an ideal place for hiking. Its numerous watering holes attract animals and rare plants. In the north, Nyika National Park can be explored in a 4x4. In the south, you can go on safari in Liwonde National Park to observe elephants, antelope, zebra, and rhinoceroses as well as a multitude of birds.
Known for the wealth of its fauna, and the purity of its water, Lake Malawi, the third largest in Africa, is an important step in discovering the country. A diver’s paradise, a number of water sports and activities are on offer, and you can cruise the clear water which is the habitat of over 500 species of colourful fish. The warm water, fine sand and splendid views will keep beach enthusiasts happy.
Exploring the old town of the capital, Lilongwe or the rock art at archaeological site at Chongoni will complete your journey through this authentic African country.

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