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Sicily has such a rich heritage that it can be likened to a treasure island. That's why we hope our selection of maps will go some way to helping you organise your trip to Sicily . Create your own itinerary by browsing our list of recommended places to visit. From the mythical and inescapable Mount Etna to the beautiful Ionian and Mediterranean Sea beaches and unique archaeological sites - our maps will help you get the most out of your visit.

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While idyllic beaches and warmth are certainly not lacking in Sicily, the beauty of its landscapes can only be matched by its rich history. Its culture has left exceptional reminders of the past, including the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and awe-inspiring Baroque architecture, such as the Syracuse cathedral. To the north, from east to west, beaches such as San Vito Lo Capo or the Zingaro Nature Reserve and the Nebrodi Natural Park are close at hand bringing together the most beautiful Sicilian, beach and bathing landscapes.

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Overview of 5 tourist regions

photo Aeolian islands

Aeolian islands

A gem of an archipelago in the Ionian sea, the Aeolian islands each have their own special sparkle. Lipari is a relaxed and mellow island, both in colour and in its way of life and its gastronomy. Here la dolce vita is guaranteed. In Vulcano or Stromboli, strong muscles are the order of the day and a climb up these superb volcanoes will offer you incredible panoramas and unforgettable memories.

photo Mount Etna and the Ionian coast

Mount Etna and the Ionian coast

Now here's a region that you really have to take the time to enjoy. Between the invincible Mount Etna, the magnificent hilltop town of Taormina with its turquoise blue shores and Catania, which still fascinates tourists today with its hidden gems and cathedral, you certainly won't have time to get bored. You really must make sure you pass through the region and enjoy a hike around Mount Etna to witness its wild landscapes that will leave an indelible impression.

photo Palermo and the Mediterranean coast

Palermo and the Mediterranean coast

At the crossroads of East and West, Palermo has more than one treasure up its sleeve. In contrast with the much livelier old markets, its Arabian gardens are a haven of peace and calm. The baroque splendor of its city centre will leave you speechless, as will the Duomo di Monreale, the most beautiful Sicilian-Norman church in Sicily and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To cool off, just head down to the beautiful Mediterranean coast, with beautiful beaches such as San Vito Lo Capo or Castellamare del Golfo.

photo Syracuse and the Baroque era

Syracuse and the Baroque era

Syracuse is a city full of mystery. It's spectacular baroque architecture really takes you back in time. Find the time to explore this wild and historical region by visiting, for example, the Vendicari Nature Reserve. Ragusa, Noto and Modica are cultural and gastronomic centres of interest and Noto supposedly has the two best ice cream makers/patissiers in the world (make sure you try the specialty almond biscuits).

photo The inland wilderness

The inland wilderness

Central Sicily is full of lush green and mountainous landscapes, conducive to beautiful tranquil walks in the mild Sicilian climate. It's a sparsely populated region meaning you can refocus and amble along the sun-drenched trails at your own pace. In the Madonie Nature Park, you can stroll through the flower-filled park which is also populated by several wild animals.

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In terms of culture, history and nature, Sicily is a real mosaic. As the great ancient myths seem to testify, the Gods seem to have taken up residence in Sicily. At the crossroads of East and West, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Sicily has many assets that will delight even the hardest to please. Rich and all-encompassing, it offers a wide range of things to do ... The preserved Greek and Roman remains take you back in time and testify to the authenticity of the island. You only need to visit Agrigento and its Temple of Concordia, with impressive Selinunte columns, or the Syracuse cathedral for this to become apparent.
The landscapes are just as spectacular: just think of Mount Etna and its eruptions that dominate the city of Catania, Palermo with its many palaces and cathedrals, the Gulf of Castellamare inlet, the inland mountain ranges or the splendid chain of Aeolian islands. Whether you're into hiking, lush gardens, swimming in crystal clear waters, cultural visits or relaxation and gastronomy, Sicily will most certainly have something to offer you.
In Sicily, every nook and cranny is worth a detour and if you love sampling local cuisine, you can arrange your trip based on the best places to try pasta alla Norma, fish couscous or the famous cannoli. Sicily is an extraordinary feast for the senses. Just a few hours away by plane, the Mediterranean's biggest island, has a plethora of secrets just waiting to be discovered. Which is why it is so difficult to draw up a list of must-sees in Sicily, as each landscape has its own distinct character and charm.

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Car is the best way to get around Sicily. Visit our Sicily car rental page to find a vehicle. The motorways are in excellent condition. Note that it is mandatory to have your low beam lights on day and night when driving on motorways and out of town. It's best to adopt flexible behavior and to stay calm when driving in Sicily: Sicilians drive as they see fit and don't necessarily pay attention to road signs, which are sometimes severely lacking as it is. The streets are not often well signposted and one-way streets are common: a GPS can help you get around these difficulties. Be careful when taking taxis as drivers often charge depending on their mood. Buses are also a good way to explore the region. AST (Azienda Siciliana Trasporti) is the official bus company but it doesn't cover the whole island. However, there are private companies with air-conditioned buses that do. You can also take the train to travel between Sicily's Sicily main cities, thanks to Trenitalia, the Italian railway company . Delays on mainline trains are few and far between.
The Sicilian islands are served by aliscafi (hydrofoils) and ferries (less numerous but cheaper).

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