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The south east Asian territory of Singapore never ceases to intrigue or surprise. A multicultural city state, Singapore veers between the ancient and modern. Buildings of centuries past rub shoulders nonchalantly with skyscrapers. Despite the endless imagination displayed in some of the more eccentric constructions, the city has a hidden side which surprises first-time visitors: the desire to put nature first and preserve flora and fauna. Did you know that natural areas make up 50% of Singapore? Parks, gardens and reserves bring a breath of fresh air to this teeming, congested city. Singapore has tried to harmonise its different public spaces, and true to its image, has exceeded itself. You can’t fail to be impressed by such creativity, displayed in the improbably giant metallic trees of Gardens by the Bay, where thousands of plants and flowers are grown.
The various historic districts of Singapore are the soul of the town: a perfect blend of tolerant cultures. Scents, flavours and traditions combine to create a wonderful atmosphere - a journey through China, India and Malaysia!
Singapore has something for everyone. Whether you are in search of culture, cuisine, adventure or urban life, the city will charm you. To the delight of its visitors, Singapore buzzes like a beehive and never ceases to build and innovate. Despite its small size (400 square miles), Singapore holds its own against other major international cities. This island city state displays a unique multiculturalism: Indian, Chinese and European cultures rub shoulders harmoniously and bring such charm to the country.

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