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A Scandinavian country, bordered by the Baltic Sea, Sweden is a country of beautiful untamed wilderness and a rich cultural heritage which can be found in its largest towns and smallest villages. Colourful houses, vast open spaces, immense lakes, boreal forests, a rugged coastline scattered with islands and white sand beaches decorate this country which includes 14 UNESCO world heritage sites.
From Sweden’s south to Lapland via the Arctic Circle, nature lovers will be overwhelmed. With its many national parks, exceptional biodiversity and sublime countryside, you can walk in mountains, around lakes, by waterfalls or along the coastline dotted with charming fishing villages.
‘Between land and sea’, the capital, Stockholm, is built on numerous islands which are connected by bridges or accessed by boat. You will be charmed by the “Venice of the north”, its undeniable quality of life, the old town’s colourful buildings, the Royal Palace, the cathedral and gothic churches and the numerous museums.
The second city, Gothenburg, intersected by canals, has beautiful 18th century monuments. It is a lively and festive city, known for its cuisine, immense parks and ancient historic district of narrow streets and timber houses.
The country has several prehistoric sites and a number of castles such as the medieval Fort Malmöhus and the baroque Läckö castle, set in the middle of Lake Väner.
Considered one of the most ecological countries on the planet, Sweden provides an exceptional quality of life to its residents, who have such respect for the environment and live almost symbiotically with it. You can also experience intense moments in the magnificent north of the country.

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