Beaches in Tanzania

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Tanzania is more well-known for its safaris than for its beaches, but there are some beautiful ones that are certainly worth a visit, especially after a long stay in the savannah. Tanzania is an ideal destination for a combined safari / beach holiday. And with warm temperatures all year long, you can swim in the sea whatever the season.

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The most beautiful beaches

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Beaches in the North

About 25 km north of Dar Es Salaam, the coastline is lined with seaside resorts and offers pleasant places to relax for a day with the family.

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Beaches in the South

South of Dar Es Salaam, the coastline is still rather wild and rugged. The first beaches are easily accessible by car (south of Kigamboni). Kigamboni beach is a long white sandy beach bordered with dense vegetation. It is a region with few facilities where the only activities on offer are relaxation and snorkelling.

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Pemba Island beaches

Known as the ‘green island’, Pemba island has lush vegetation and mountain backdrops. A true tropical paradise, the Pemba beaches are away from mass tourism and the pressures of modern-day life. The Vumawimbi beach, at the northern end of the island, is considered as one of the most beautiful.

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Zanzibar beaches

The most beautiful and popular beaches in Tanzania. The beaches of Nungwi, Kwenda and Paje are our favourites offering white sand, turquoise waters and a variety of fish and coral reefs to delight diving enthusiasts. Very strong tides on Paje beach make it a kitesurfer’s paradise. This is a friendly beach with a relaxing atmosphere, and it has so far been untouched by mass tourism.

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