Plan an amazing trip to the The Mariana Islands

Located in the Philippines Sea, the Mariana Islands promise an exceptional trip. Composed of several islands, the archipelago is an ideal holiday destination for the family, as a couple or among friends.
The capital, Saipan is known to delight scuba enthusiasts with its exceptional dive sites. Others can enjoy the magnificent beaches, relax in the sun and swim in the crystal clear waters of these incredible islands.
Back on dry land, visit the Grotto, a cave linked to the sea by underwater tunnels. Then continue your tour of Saipan following the footpaths along the cliffs of Laderan Banadero and Punta Sabaneta and taking in the wonderful view. Climb Mont Tapochau for a 680°Fw of the incredible landscape.
You can discover the history of the Mariana Islands through its various historic monuments such as the Banadero Caves, one of the last command posts of the second World War, where you will find tanks, canons and other artefacts of the era.
In the Museum of History and Culture, you will learn more about the history and customs of the archipelago.
Young and old will enjoy the many gardens which are full of unique plant species. To the south of the archipelago, visit the island of Rota too, to discover its great variety of flora and fauna.
Between July and August, you have the opportunity to attend the island’s many festivals, such as World Colour Festival in Guam, where myths and legends are retold, and the Saipan International Jazz Festival.
Have no doubt, it will be a wonderful holiday.

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