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A country of great lakes in the depths of Africa, Uganda casts its spell with wide landscapes of high plateaus, volcanoes, tropical rain forests and impressive waterfalls. It will enchant you with its immense savannah populated by ethnic communities and wild animals.
Named the ‘pearl of Africa’ by Winston Churchill who stayed there, this former British colony on the equator is landlocked by Tanzania, South Sudan, Congo and Rwanda. Following years of conflict, Uganda has regained political stability and is slowly opening up to tourism. This is witnessed by the numerous national parks and the two natural open spaces classed as UNESCO world heritage sites, created to preserve the particularly abundant flora and fauna.
From Mount Rwenzori, you can set out to find the source of the Nile or head further south and take a boat out on Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, with its numerous islands and hippopotami. You can discover Africa’s wildlife - elephants, giraffe, rhinoceroses, lions and leopards in the magnificent setting of Murchison Falls, the country’s largest nature reserve. Queen Elizabeth Park has great lakes, swamps and savannah and is home to protected species in one of the region’s richest ecosystems. To the extreme north, Kidepo National Park’s spectacular landscape and abundant animal life make the ideal location for a safari.
Free from mass tourism, this country of remarkable landscapes has kept its authenticity and culture. All the magic and charm of Africa come together in this singular country, one of the most beautiful on the continent.

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