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Welcome to Ukraine! At the frontier of Europe and Asia, this country has surprises in store. In particular, the capital Kiev has a number of architectural treasures as well as numerous museums where you can discover more about the history and culture of the country. Visit Saint Sophia, Kiev’s oldest Orthodox cathedral and the breathtakingly beautiful Lavra Monastery of the Caves.
Stroll through its streets to discover Bessarabsky Rynok where you will find fruit, vegetables and local crafts such as carpets, embroidery and the famous painted eggs. Try local specialities such as borscht - a vegetable soup enlivened with a slice of bacon and a clove of garlic.
To the west is the town of Lviv, with its wonderful historic centre, a distillation of various styles of architecture which is well worth a visit.
Head to the Carpathian Mountains for an incredible change of scenery of small thatched houses and horse drawn carts on the country roads, and enjoy a moment of relaxation among the mountains and valleys.
In Odessa, you can enjoy the best of Ukraine’s beaches, of which, Arcadia Beach offers the opportunity for numerous water sports. The crystalline waters and fine sand provide the setting for quiet relaxation. In the evening, Odessa’s clubs and bars make the perfect location for a great night out.

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