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Damien, founder of

October rhymes with leaves falling on the ground and warmer clothes. Summer seems like a distant memory, that we think of with melancholy and an urge to escape the long winter ahead... Fortunately, there are some places on earth where autumn is not a fatality. These places, that you dream of so often, are part of our selection of sunny destination. Paradise islands in the Indian Ocean, warm countries in the Southern hemisphere, and European blue skies vibrate with a comforting, warm and invigorating energy. Treat yourself to a double dose of sunshine before winter!

Our selection of mood-boosting destinations
  • Madagascar
    69 to 78°
    Sea : 78°


    Between tropical forests, baobabs, lemurs, white sand and lagoons, you will have everything you need to relax during Autumn.

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  • Tunisia
    68 to 82°
    Sea : 75°


    Big blue sky over the archaeological sites, dunes, oases and Medinas.

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  • Madeira
    66 to 75°
    Sea : 69°


    Come and marvel at its subtropical climate, lush gardens, breathtaking views and sublime beaches.

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  • Greece
    66 to 75°
    Sea : 75°


    From antique sites to paradise islands, the unbelievable beauty of the Mediterranean will delight your senses in October.

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  • Maurice
    62 to 75°
    Sea : 75°


    From coral reefs to turquoise lagoons, the sea is everywhere. You just have to let yourself slip into the scenery.

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  • Spanish coasts
    59 to 75°
    Sea : 75°

    Spanish coasts

    If you’re looking for some sunshine therapy, head to the Spanish coasts with their culture, 'joie de vivre' and cosmopolitan nightlife. Vamonos !

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  • Bali
    75 to 87°
    Sea : 82°


    Let yourself be enchanted by the sunny serenity of Bali, the magnetic and well-named “Island of the Gods”.

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  • Morocco
    59 to 82°
    Sea : 69°


    Oases, desert, endless beaches and the Atlas valleys will make your heart rate quicken in the land of the setting sun.

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  • French Basque Country
    53 to 68°
    Sea : 64°

    French Basque Country

    Surfing sessions and relaxation, tapas bars and discoveries, the irresistible lifestyle of the Basque Country will captivate you.

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  • Portugal
    59 to 73°
    Sea : 69°


    The endless expanses of sand, fishing villages, mild nights and Fado music create the sweet scent of a perfect holiday.

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  • Crete
    62 to 75°
    Sea : 73°


    This island, blessed by the Greek God of sun and beauty, is the essence of the Mediterranean.

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  • Reunion Island
    66 to 80°
    Sea : 75°

    Reunion Island

    Trekking enthusiasts, insatiable adventurers and relaxation lovers, we've found your dream destination!

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  • Thailand
    77 to 87°
    Sea : 84°


    You can choose to relax on a beautiful southern island or to explore the Imperial cities of the Kingdom of Siam, with constant sunshine.

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  • Seychelles
    77 to 86°
    Sea : 82°


    You may feel like you already know this archipelago since you’ve already dreamt of its clear water and white sand so many times.

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All destinations sun and beach in october

october sunny destinations reveal themselves to your desires
Sort the columns and let the temperature of the sea and the intensity of sunlight guide you. Next stop: your dream destination
DestinationDays of sunshineSeaCultureLandscapeJourney timebudget
Azores 21° 11 22°
Bali 31° 25 28°
Barcelona 22° 20 22°
Brazil 29° 23 29°
Cape Verde 29° 28 27°
Corsica 23° 16 23°
Egypt 32° 31 26°
Fiji 27° 10 29°
French Polynesia 30° 19 27°
21 h
Hawaii 31° 15 27°
Hong Kong 28° 19 27°
Israel 33° 29 27°
Madagascar 27° 24 26°
Madeira 24° 17 22°
Mauritius 24° 11 24°
Mayotte 29° 23 27°
Morocco 28° 28 21°
New Caledonia 26° 23 23°
Provence 21° 16 19°
Réunion 27° 17 24°
Sardinia 24° 20 22°
Seychelles 30° 12 28°
Tanzania 31° 22 26°
The Bahamas 31° 12 28°
West Coast 24° 27 18°
Zanzibar 24° 20 26°

*Durée trajet : durée approximative en avion depuis Paris

5 reasons to enjoy the October sun

Follow your heart to…

Enjoy the pleasures of travelling far from the scorching heat and summer crowds

Make Summer and its benefits last longer

Have a large selection of travel destinations all around the world

Have more room just for you on the beach

Take advantage of the low off season prices

Chase the sun

Guide of the best sunny destinations in October

The sun makes everything better, and we are going to prove it to you with our selection of destinations where the sun shines bright in Autumn. 21°C water, divine beaches... Everything you need to chase the clouds away from your mind and from the sky!

In Africa

When summer is only a distant memory, North Africa takes the role over successfully. It is the ideal time to discover the oases of Tunisia and Morocco with their mild temperatures. And the golden sand of Djerba and Essaouira are the icing on the Gazelle horn ( traditional pastry). But perhaps setting off to the islands of eternal spring, aka the Canary Islands, where summer plays overtime, sound better to you. Finally, Madeira, with its lush gardens, subtropical climate and secret coves will add a pinch of sparkle to your sunny October holidays.

In the Middle-East

In order to fully immerse yourself in the ancient Eastern and Mediterranean culture, you need to go to Turkey. The summer crowds have left the beaches of the Aegean Sea and there is finally some room to enjoy a glass of Raki on a terrace. The tenth month of the year is also a good time to discover the Holy Land of Israel or an adventure worthy of Lawrence of Arabia in Jordan. After a full-size history and archaeology lesson, the seaside resorts of Tel Aviv, Aqaba or Eilat keep your pretty tanned complexion going long after summer is over. Not far from there, the Egyptian Gods of the sun watches over the temples, the pyramids and the shores of the Red Sea, which are at the perfect temperature for you to enjoy its multicoloured underwater fauna. So why not go to Oman?

The islands of the Indian Ocean

A paradise in the dreamy water of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a destination full of sunny promises in October. Be it exploring, swimming and meeting friendly Mauritians: from sunrise to sunset, everything happens on the beach and will take you far, far away from the gloom of Autumn. Want to go a little higher? Head for the Reunion Island with its volcanoes, creeks and lush vegetation. Unless you prefer discovering the unique and surprising geological formations of Madagascar? Between jungles, savannah and fine sand, the Red Island will amaze you like no other. In the Seychelles, lagoons, beaches and relaxation: pure happiness. It is the end of the dry season in Zanzibar... You will be fascinated by its 1001 spice fragrances. !

On the American continent

At this time of year, California still enjoys near-summer temperatures. The perfect time to play the Hollywood star on Venice beach and enjoy the San Diego weather. The second largest city in the Golden State has over 300 days of sunshine per year. Further on, in Hawaii, this American state takes the form of an island. Between giant volcanoes, lush forests and lunar landscapes, its dream beaches will stun you. In the Southern Hemisphere, the austral summer is arriving, ready to warm up the weather of Argentina and Chile. However the beaches of Salvador de Bahia and of the Nordeste haven't had to wait for the sun because they already have it. Swimsuits, sunglasses and summer clothes are the dress code in Jericoacoara and Fernando de Noronha.

In Asia

In Bali, it is still the dry season... But you only have a few days left to enjoy the privileged microclimate of the centre of the Indonesian archipelago. You can relax on the beaches of Jimbaran and Amed, enjoy marinated fish in coconut milk and stroll around between plantations, tropical jungles and rice fields. The Island of Gods both soothes and amazes, enough to face Autumn with stars in your eyes. Don't resist the call of the Sunda Islands which are combined with the soothing Bali island. Imposing volcanoes, authentic villages, white sand beaches and the Komodo dragons will be the highlights of your trip.

In Southern Europe

Around the Mediterranean, the sun has said its last word, it still shines on the Alhambra of Granada and the temples of Greece. Of course, the water temperature is already a bit cool. But the beaches of the Balearic Islands and of Corsica return to their true beauty once free of the summer crowds. Andalusia and the the Algarve also hold on to summer with mild temperatures and optimal sunshine. Concerning Cyprus, Sardinia and the Greek islands, you need to hurry... The first rainfalls of autumn are getting closer and closer.

In Oceania

To finally forget about the gloomy weather at home, another solution is to take refuge at the Antipodes of the planet. Located in the heart of the Coral Sea, New Caledonia perfectly matches the description of paradise on Earth. With your swimsuit, mask and snorkel, you will venture on beaches that even a castaway would never want to leave. Further away in Oceania, the French Polynesia reveals breathtaking landscapes of atolls and lagoons. You day will begin with a dip in the 27°C sea of course, then you can go on a sailboat cruise or go for a dive in the fantastically preserved coral reefs. You will need to find good reasons not to postpone your flight back home for a few days, or more...

Destinations you should avoid in October

Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia are not spared by the late monsoons that water Southern Asia. India is not the best bet either, nor is the Caribbean where there a high cyclone risk, and of course everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere it's cold.