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Welcome to Venice......the capital of romance, lovers, gondola rides etc. One of a kind, the city was founded in the heart of a swamp by refugees fleeing goth invaders. The richness of its past is still intact today and the array of museums, palaces, churches and squares testify to the prosperity of this Venetian State throughout the centuries. During your trip to Venice, don\'t miss out on the delicious flavours of North-East Italy: Polenta, Tiramisu, Carpaccio to name but a few. Nature and outdoor pursuit enthusiasts will find happiness in the Dolomites mountain range, in the far north of the country, which offers a myriad of breathtaking landscapes.

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Within this region, it really is necessary to make a distinction between Venice\'s climate and that of the mountainous Dolomites region. Venice enjoys a Mediterranean climate but with cold winters and often wet summers. In summer, the heat can often be overwhelming during the day and the tourist crowds somewhat suffocating. Please be aware that some unpleasant odours can come from the stagnant water channels. In the countryside, summers are more pleasant and very sunny.


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