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Jordan is a true gem in the heart of the Middle-East. Here, some of the world’s most prestigious treasures can be found among the relics of the civilisations which chronicle the country’s past. It is impossible not to fall for Petra’s charms, the mythical Nabatean city, a wonder of the modern world and a UNESCO world heritage site. The spell begins as you cross the majestic Siq Canyon and the magic continues to work as the Khazneh, the most evocative monument of this ancient city, suddenly appears before you. As well as the Treasury’s architectural splendour, the monastery and innumerable caves highlight the beautiful pink sandstone. Taking the King’s Highway, you will discover other riches left by the Persians, Romans, Muslims and Byzantines. Jordan is a historic country and has been a destination for religious pilgrimages for centuries. Several biblical sites are associated with Jordan, such as Mount Nebo, said to be the holy site where Moses saw the Promised Land. Jordan is a haven for enthusiasts of outdoor activities. The Dana Valley captivates walkers and the Wadi Mujib attracts thrill-seekers who want to experience the joys of canyoning.

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Abdullah's tips, local guide

Abdullah's tips, local guide


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Mediterranean in the Jordan Valley in the west, the humid season runs from November to April, the climate becomes arid and almost desert to the east and south; the ideal season would be spring to avoid the heat wave and enjoy a verdant and flowery nature.
My favorite time to visit Jordan is during the spring: March, April, May. The climate is pleasant, sunny but not yet too hot. Flowers are in blossom.


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Security in Jordan is not a problem. Its neighbouring countries are turbulent, but Jordan is a stable area of the middle east. Tourists are welcome and are welcomed with traditional Bedouin hospitality.

Children will enjoy Jordan. It’s nature, climbing over rocks taking camel rides, swimming among fish and coral in the Red Sea and much more too.

There’s no problem for women travelling alone in Jordan. To avoid difficult situations, it is advised that shoulders and knees should be covered.

From the north to the south: Jerash, Amman, the Dead Sea, Madaba, Mount Nebo, al Karak, Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba.

Visiting Petra is simple. As you enter the city, guides will offer tours (in various languages) of the town, taking around 3 hours. They will explain Nabatean culture and contextualise the era. At the end of the tour you are free to visit the high Place of Sacrifice and the monastery.

Plenty of souvenirs but also crafts, such as ceramics from Madaba, bottles of coloured sand, products from the Dead Sea, glassware from Hebron, pearl-inlayed boxes, embroidered cloths, leather poufs, carpets and olive wood objects.

Mezze, humous, aubergine caviar, grilled chicken or lamb, and by the Red Sea, freshly caught fish. You can also try “mansaf”, a traditional dish of meat cooked in buttermilk and served with rice and toasted almonds. For dessert there is “sahlat”, thick drinks flavoured with orange flower water or there are “baklavas” - pastries filled with honey, almonds and pistachios. Coffee can take you by surprise as it is flavoured with cardamom and tea is always very sweet. Generally speaking, Jordan’s cuisine is very similar to neighbouring Libya.

You have the choice of following in Lawrence of Arabia’s footsteps on foot, on horseback or by camel. Taking a 4x4, you can visit natural stone arches, prehistoric petroglyphs (ancient rock art) and Lawrence of Arabia’s house. There is nothing to compare the feeling of being in the desert, the pink-tinged sand beneath your feet, with only the sound of the wind buffeting the rocks. Daybreak in Wadi Rum must surely be one of life’s greatest experiences. The landscape seems lunar rather than terrestrial under attractive, vast, pale, sheltering skies. Sharing a meal with Bedouins, in a tent beneath the stars will give you an authentic taste of Wadi Rum.

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