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Abdullah's tips, local guide
Abdullah's tips, local guide

Welcome to Jordan, the “Hashemite Kingdom” that once captivated travellers. Today, this modern, lively country still appeals and is attracting new generations of travellers. From the magnificent countryside of Wadi Rum to the bustling capital, Amman, to the majestic ruins of past civilisations and the timeless splendour of the Dead Sea, Jordan is a unique destination with much to do. Take a look at our maps to plan your trip. Discover our maps to plan your trip in the best possible way.

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The history of Jordan is extraordinary. Nabateans, Persians, Romans, Umayyads, Byzantines, Crusaders and Muslims have all left their mark. Today, travellers with an interest in history will be enthralled. Bordered by the West Bank and Israel to the west, Jordan offers unique attractions for the visitor: Petra - the rose city, swimming in the Dead Sea, or a walk in the Wadi Rum desert. But there are more remote areas such as the eastern desert which conceals innumerable treasures within its dunes.

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Overview of 6 tourist regions

photo Amman


The modern capital of Amman is a city in which the new and old contrast strikingly. The east of the city is known for being lively, and the west calmer and more stylish.

photo Eastern Desert

Eastern Desert

An area where numerous desert castles and reserves are scattered across vast stretches of sand. A unique place for adventurous exploration.

photo Jerash & Nord

Jerash & Nord

The populous area of the country, this hilly region boasts exceptional archaeological ruins.

photo Petra and Wadi Rum

Petra and Wadi Rum

An area full of tourist attractions, don’t miss Petra, the scenic King’s Highway and the mysterious oases in Wadi Rum.

photo Route of the Dead Sea

Route of the Dead Sea

Experience the Dead Sea, a calm area with a rich history.

photo Southern Desert

Southern Desert

Rarely visited by tourists for safety reason. Nevertheless, it is full of beautiful scenery.

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Without any doubt at all, Jordan is deeply rooted in history and culture. It has a rich heritage of the ruins of ancient civilisations, archaeological sites and unmissable cultural highlights such as Petra and Jerash. For eight months a year, the sunny climate is ideal for long walks in spectacular countryside. In Aquaba, the country’s only seaside resort, you can try water sports or discover the Red Sea’s incredible seabed.

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Routes and distances maps

Pack your bags and head for Jordan! Easy to get to from the UK, flights take around 5 hours. Be aware that your passport is required to have six months’ validity after the date of your arrival in Jordan. It is recommended you keep your passport with you at all times. A visa is also necessary to enter Jordan, although this is free if you book your stay with a Jordanian agency. Once you are there, the size of the country makes getting around easy. However, be wary of Jordanian driving which can be surprising (if not chaotic). Public transport is mainly used by the locals and is not advised for tourists. You can also use private taxis whose drivers might serve as a guide if the price is right.

Carte des incontournables JORDAN