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Paolo's tips, local guide
Paolo's tips, local guide

Discover Norway like you've never seen it before! There are 4 new and printable tourist maps available. Discover a country of Nordic charm and breathtaking landscapes. Between fjords, the city of Oslo and snow-capped mountains, fall under Norway’s spell. Take a look at our maps to help you plan your trip. Discover our maps to plan your trip in the best possible way.

Region map

Discover the Far North: with striking Fjords, awe-inspiring mountains, natural attractions, gastronomy, culture and architecture, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Carte des régions NORWAY

Overview of 6 tourist regions

photo Central Norway

Central Norway

7 National Parks, 2 nature reserves for a region rich in tradition, culture, nature and history

photo Eastern Norway

Eastern Norway

On the one side the capital city, Oslo, growing at an incredible pace, to the other side, a region dominated by mountains and glaciers

photo Northern Norway

Northern Norway

The largest part of the country, where the sun never sets and where you can see the incredible northern lights

photo Southern Norway

Southern Norway

This region has a wide range of fun activities to delight people of all ages: hiking, cycling, fishing, skiing, rafting or climbing.

photo Svalbard (North)

Svalbard (North)

Svalbard and the North Pole of Norway. Polar silence, icebergs as far as the eye can see and the starting point for dog sled expeditions!

photo Vestlandet (West)

Vestlandet (West)

A region of narrow fjords, high mountains and everlasting glaciers. A mind-blowing spectacle!

*According to the geographic breakdown of thetraveler.net

Attractions maps

Are you a nature lover? With a reputation second to none, don’t miss the famous Fjords in the west of the country, the aurora borealis and the national parks. In terms of culture, the cities of Oslo, Trodheim and Alta are ideal for discovering more about Norwegian culture.

Carte des incontournables NORWAY

Routes and distances maps

Norway is easily accessible from anywhere. For travelling across the country, the roads and highways are particularly well maintained. However, beware of the distances involved, Norway is the longest country in Europe! The rail and air networks make it possible to reach any region of the country.

Carte des incontournables NORWAY

Map of Paolo's secret places, our Lofoten Islands specialist

Carte des coins secrets de NORWAY