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Sardinia inspires dreams. But beyond its hundreds of idyllic beaches, it conceals surprises. Its size is the first: think you can discover it in a day? Over 180 miles from north to south, its actually twice the size of Corsica. 5,000 years of history shaped Sardinia, long before the arrival of its millionaires. It is a beautiful blend of the influences brought by the civilisations which occupied the island - Phoenicians, Romans and Genoese. There are 900 archaeological sites listed in Sardinia! The diversity of the landscape is striking. There are sandy beaches, splendid inlets and caves, and also high peaks. The highest point, the 1,834 metre Punta la Marmora dominates the Nuoro Valley. It is a land of shepherds, of people proud of their roots. From its festive celebrations, to its cuisine, medieval village and lively ports, Sardinia is a joy to discover.

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