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Discover South Africa as you've never seen it before! Take a look at my 4 new and printable tourist maps. South Africa offers breathtaking landscapes with magnificent fauna and flora. During your trip to South Africa, discover the cosmopolitan city of Johannesburg, The Diamond City of Kimberley or Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope.

Region map

South Africa - come and discover this vast country of over 1.2 million km2, it’s teeming with natural wonders: nature reserves, national parks, breathtaking landscapes, dreamy beaches ... You’ll be amazed by the richness of its culture, the warm welcome of its inhabitants and the numerous extraordinary experiences that await you.

Carte des régions SOUTH AFRICA

Overview of 6 tourist regions



If you’re in search of a city atmosphere, then Johannesburg is for you! Trendy and culturally rich, it never fails to charm all who visit. In the Mpumpalanga province you will be spoilt for choice with its mountains, valleys and numerous outdoor activities.

photo KwaZulu Natal

KwaZulu Natal

A region of contrasts combing modernity and authenticity. Home to mountainous landscapes and countless awe-inspiring spectacles, including the possibility of seeing lions, leopards and buffaloes in their natural environment ... The area also offers many historical sites and countless hiking trails.

photo Limpopo


Safaris, nature reserves, bird watching, the birthplace of ancient cultures, there is no doubt about it, you’re in Limpopo!

photo The Cape

The Cape

A region with numerous golden beaches, Table Mountain and the country’s design capital, Cape Town, a visit to the Cape is not be missed during your stay in South Africa.

photo The Northern Cape

The Northern Cape

Embark on a visit to the land of ultimate adventures! Discover the fabulous diamond city of Kimberley, hurtle down the sand dunes on a sandboard or simply admire the region’s unique ecosystem.

photo The Western Cape

The Western Cape

This region’s fauna and flora are particularly rich, colourful and varied: snowy summits, lush forests, unspoilt coastlines etc.

*According to the geographic breakdown of thetraveler.net

Attractions maps

If you’re on the lookout for breathtaking landscapes, encounters with big cats or bird watching and whale watching experiences, then South Africa is for you! This multiracial democracy not only offers a great variety of outdoor activities but is also a country steeped in rich history and culture. Cape Town and Johannesburg are two mythical cities not to be missed on your trip to South Africa.

Carte des incontournables SOUTH AFRICA

Routes and distances maps

Most major cities are accessible by plane, bus and car. South Africa has a vast territory, it is sometimes better to fly than to spend hours on the roads. However, car rental remains the most economical, although you do have to be over 21 years of age.

Carte des incontournables SOUTH AFRICA