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Located in the Caribbean, between Martinique and Barbados, Saint Lucia is a volcanic island of steep terrain and marvellous sandy beaches. Once frequented by pirates, Saint Lucia enjoys a hot and humid tropical climate with luxuriantly wild vegetation.
The surprising terrain is characterised by two needles of rock reaching 740 metres above the Caribbean Sea, now classed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The athletic shouldn’t hesitate to take the path to the summit and admire the panoramic views.
Above all, Saint Lucia is about relaxing on its idyllic beaches, the turquoise waters lined with coconut palms, the seaside resorts and charming fishing villages in a breathtakingly beautiful setting.
The island is still free from mass tourism and retains its authenticity - the warm welcome from its inhabitants will make your day. You can participate in all sorts of activities: watching whales and dolphins, sailing or diving. But you really shouldn’t miss setting out on foot or horseback along the trails which take you into the tropical forest. You can explore Soufrière, one of the few still active volcanoes, with its natural sulphur springs, Pigeon Island National Park and the Diamond botanical gardens whose waterfalls come from underground thermal springs.

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