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Damien, founder of
Damien, founder of

April showers bring May flowers? Not so sure about that. To lay this popular proverb to rest , team have looked for the clearest and warmest skies all around the globe. From the idyllic beaches of the Caribbean to the golden sand of the Southern Hemisphere and the paradise islands of the Indian Ocean, April showers are nowhere to be found. So many reasons not to wait until May to get away. Let’s go!

Our selection of mood-boosting destinations
  • Vietnam
    68 to 71°
    Sea : 82°


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  • The Spanish coasts
    51 to 71°
    Sea : 64°

    The Spanish coasts

    A mixture of beaches, rocky inlets, culture and festivities, blessed with a beautiful Mediterranean climate.

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  • Madagascar
    73 to 78°
    Sea : 84°


    Between tropical forests, baobabs, lemurs, white sand and lagoons, you will have everything you need to relax during springtime.

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  • Cuba
    66 to 86°
    Sea : 80°


    Culture, relaxation and nature, Cuba invites you to dance to its irresistible rhythm.

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  • Dubai
    69 to 91°
    Sea : 77°


    Enjoy the sun, the extravagance and the futuristic architecture before the torrid heat comes back to the United Arab Emirates.

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  • Dominican Republic
    69 to 87°
    Sea : 80°

    Dominican Republic

    Fine sand and turquoise lagoons are to be enjoyed without moderation and with a lots of relaxation. Vamos?

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  • Cape verde
    69 to 78°
    Sea : 71°

    Cape verde

    Head to the small country of the famous singer Cesaria Evora. Between dunes, fumaroles and diverse cultures, each island is a discovery.

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  • Bahamas
    68 to 84°
    Sea : 78°


    If paradise was on earth, it would be here... Enjoy the sun of the Caribbeans. Dress code: swimsuit, fins, mask and snorkel.

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  • Florida
    68 to 84°
    Sea : 77°


    Legendary, glamorous, fun and cosmopolitan, Florida’s 'joie de vivre' is contagious.

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  • Senegal
    66 to 77°
    Sea : 69°


    The bush, pirogues, music and beaches: what a change of scenery! The only danger when travelling to Senegal is to never want to leave.

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  • Mexico
    73 to 86°
    Sea : 80°


    The choice is yours: relax on the beach or explore the Maya civilization.

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  • Costa Rica
    66 to 86°
    Sea : 82°

    Costa Rica

    The climate is a pleasant as the way of life in this most vibrant tropical paradise in Central America.

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  • Sri Lanka
    77 to 89°
    Sea : 86°

    Sri Lanka

    The sea, nature and culture trio is the perfect balance to open your Chakras in April

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  • Guadeloupe
    71 to 87°
    Sea : 80°


    The shades of blue and intense green shine under the April sun to offer unforgettable memories.

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  • Martinique
    73 to 86°
    Sea : 82°


    Warm sand, blue horizon, undeniable charm... Martinique in April? Pa ni Pwoblem! (No problem!

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  • The Seychelles
    77 to 89°
    Sea : 86°

    The Seychelles

    You may feel like you already know this archipelago since you’ve always dreamt of its clear water and white sand so many times.

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All destinations sun and beach in april

april sunny destinations reveal themselves to your desires
Sort the columns and let the temperature of the sea and the intensity of sunlight guide you. Next stop: your dream destination
DestinationDays of sunshineSeaCultureLandscapeJourney timebudget
Brazil 29° 29 26°
Cape Verde 26° 29 22°
Colombia 31° 27 27°
Costa Rica 36° 29 29°
Cuba 30° 26 27°
Dominica 30° 18 27°
Dominican Republic 31° 19 27°
East Coast 29° 20 25°
French Polynesia 32° 17 29°
21 h
Guadeloupe 31° 12 27°
Guinea 30° 28 27°
Hawaii 29° 15 25°
Hong Kong 26° 15 23°
India 34° 29 29°
Israel 31° 29 23°
Jamaica 32° 22 27°
Malaysia 33° 21 29°
Maldives 32° 24 30°
Martinique 30° 13 28°
Mexico 32° 30 29°
New Caledonia 27° 14 26°
Panama 35° 30 28°
Peru 25° 29 21°
Phillippines 34° 26 29°
Puerto Rico 30° 19 27°
Saint Barthélemy 30° 13 27°
Senegal 25° 30 21°
Seychelles 32° 12 30°
South Africa 27° 16 25°
The Bahamas 29° 19 26°
Trinidad and Tobago 33° 16 27°
Turks and Caicos Islands 28° 24 26°
United Arab Emirates 33° 28 25°
Venezuela 31° 26 26°

*Durée trajet : durée approximative en avion depuis Paris

5 reasons to enjoy the April sun

Follow your heart to…

Enjoy the pleasures of summer in advance

Avoid the April showers

Plan a family holiday far away from the summer crowds

Have a large selection of travel destinations all around the world

Take advantage of the low rates during the off-peak season

Chase the spring sun

Guide of the best sunny destinations in April

You feel the need for the warm sun rays on your skin, to take a dip in the big blue sea and forget about your everyday life by being teleported to a warmer climate. Look no further! team has you covered.

In the Caribbean

Beautiful coconut palm trees, tropical languor and beaches with clear and translucent water... In April, the landscapes of the Caribbean looks like a postcard. The water temperature that never goes below 25°C and the low rainfall make the fourth month of the year the perfect time to have a very relaxing carefree holiday. The hardest part? Choosing between the Colonial charm of the Yucatan, the lifestyle of the Florida Keys, the energy of Havana or the hypnotic rhythm of Jamaica...

Latin America

While the dance of the Mayan Gods makes the sun shine over Mexico, Guatemala and Panama, South America slowly and gently enters the austral Autumn... Enjoy the effervescence of Peru, Venezuela and Colombia. The time to put on your Havaianas flip flops has finally come, feel like a true Brazilian on Ipanema beach and on the other iconic beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia.

On the islands off the coast of East Africa

As the season changes, the humid heat gives way to a pleasant warmth on the islands that dot the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. April is midway between the wet and the dry season, which makes it the perfect time to explore the Seychelles and Mauritius. Don't forget your sunscreen and to order your favourite smoothie to sip on from your hammock.

In the Middle-East

April is also a great time to discover the Muslim countries. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold, which will allow you to marvel at the amazing remains of Petra, in Jordan, or to explore the Wadis in Oman or the Sinai desert in Egypt. And in case you miss going to the beach, the sea resorts of Tel Aviv and the Red Sea are just a stone throw away.

In Southern Europe

While the cold weather still persists in Northern Europe, you only have to go south to enjoy warmer temperatures. The Balearic Islands, Sicily, Malta and the Greek Islands resemble the summer, from the beginning of spring onwards. If you’re lucky enough, it can be the perfect occasion take a dip before anyone else... unless you’d rather have fun in the Seville Fair. Flamenco dancing, guitars and traditional parades raise the mercury of Andalusia even further.

In Asia

While the monsoon is about to descend upon Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Maldives and the Eastern coast of Malaysia still enjoy a pleasant climate, but not for long. Celebrate Songkran (the Buddhist New Year) , with a huge water battle, or else head off to the Land of the Rising Sun to admire the blossoming of the cherry trees.

Destinations you should avoid in April

In Southern Asia, the heat wave sets in along with the imminent wet season. Unless you are a fan humid heat, you should avoid travelling to this part of the globe in April.