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Damien, founder of

In March the weather is still very changeable, but spring is just around the corner bringing with it sunnier weather... Just thinking about it is like taking a step closer to the warm sand and the blue sea which rest both the mind and soul. You can almost feel the marine breeze over the sea and perfecting the beauty of its infinite horizons and the gentle coming and going of the waves on the shore. You’ve never been closer to enjoying a drink on the terrace of a nice café and experiencing unforgettable moments. To glide towards these moments that in themselves justify the trip have selected for you destination ideas to enjoy the sun before everyone else and say goodbye to March showers.

Our selection of mood-boosting destinations
  • Cuba
    64 to 82°
    Sea : 78°


    Culture, relaxation and nature, Cuba invites you to dance to its irresistible tempo.

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  • Dubai
    64 to 82°
    Sea : 71°


    Enjoy the sun, the extravagance and the architecture before the heat returns to the United Arab Emirates.

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  • Costa Rica
    64 to 86°
    Sea : 82°

    Costa Rica

    Far from the bleak winter, la Pura Vida offers an amazing mixture of beautiful landscapes and biodiversity.

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  • Dominican Republic
    68 to 86°
    Sea : 78°

    Dominican Republic

    Fine sand and turquoise lagoons are to be enjoyed without moderation and with a lot of relaxation. Vamos?

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  • Bahamas
    66 to 82°
    Sea : 77°


    If paradise was on earth, it would be here... Enjoy the sun of the Caribbean. Dress code: swimsuit, fins, mask and snorkel.

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  • Florida
    64 to 82°
    Sea : 75°


    Legendary, glamorous, fun and cosmopolitan, Florida’s 'Joie de vivre' is contagious.

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  • Vietnam
    77 to 84°
    Sea : 78°


    Pagodas, Imperial cities, and the Mekong Delta shine as bright as the sun of South east Asia in March.

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  • Guadeloupe
    69 to 86°
    Sea : 80°


    The blue and green colour chart shines under the March sun and will offer you unforgettable sensorial memories.

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  • Senegal
    64 to 78°
    Sea : 68°


    The bush, pirogues, music and beaches: what a change of scenery! The only danger when travelling to Senegal is that you may never want to leave.

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  • Mexico
    69 to 84°
    Sea : 78°


    The choice is yours: relax on the beach or explore the Maya civilization.

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  • Sri Lanka
    75 to 91°
    Sea : 84°

    Sri Lanka

    The sea, nature and culture trio is the perfect balance to open your Chakras in March.

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  • Martinique
    71 to 86°
    Sea : 80°


    Warm sand, the blue horizon, undeniable charm... Martinique in March? Pa ni Pwoblem! (No problem!)

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All destinations sun and beach in march

march sunny destinations reveal themselves to your desires
Sort the columns and let the temperature of the sea and the intensity of sunlight guide you. Next stop: your dream destination
DestinationDays of sunshineSeaCultureLandscapeJourney timebudget
Belize 30° 22 27°
Benin 32° 25 28°
Brazil 31° 19 28°
Chile 20° 29 17°
Colombia 31° 30 27°
Costa Rica 35° 30 28°
Cuba 28° 28 26°
Dominica 29° 18 26°
Dominican Republic 31° 22 26°
East Coast 28° 21 24°
Guadeloupe 30° 10 27°
Guatemala 25° 26 28°
Guinea 29° 30 27°
Hawaii 28° 16 24°
Hong Kong 22° 18 20°
India 32° 30 28°
Israel 26° 29 21°
Jamaica 31° 23 27°
Maldives 31° 28 29°
Martinique 30° 12 27°
Mexico 32° 31 28°
Oman 31° 31 25°
Panama 35° 31 27°
Peru 27° 28 22°
Phillippines 32° 26 28°
Puerto Rico 30° 21 26°
Saint Barthélemy 29° 12 26°
Senegal 26° 31 20°
South Africa 29° 13 26°
Sri Lanka 33° 23 29°
The Bahamas 28° 19 25°
Trinidad and Tobago 32° 17 27°
Turks and Caicos Islands 27° 25 26°
United Arab Emirates 28° 26 22°
Uruguay 26° 22 23°
Venezuela 30° 28 26°

*Durée trajet : durée approximative en avion depuis Paris

5 reasons to enjoy March winter sun

Follow your heart to…

Top up on your vitamin D before everybody else

Have a large selection of different travel destinations all around the world

Enjoy the pleasures of summer in advance

Finally put away your winter coa

Enjoy the privilege of last minute travelling

Chase the winter sun

Guide of the best sunny destinations in March

The sun is a biological need as it lifts your mood and and gives you energy. After a long winter, your body feels the need to compensate the lack of sun now, right now! No time to lose! Grab you sunglasses and follow the sun through our selection of sunny destinations in March.

In the Caribbean

Colourful diving, relaxation, sunny discoveries: you are under the blue sky of the Dominican Republic. The air and water temperature are roughly the same, around 26°C, your vitamin D deficiency is just a bad memory. Cuba, the neighbouring island, will also help you perfect you tan. Its kilometres of fine sandy beaches, its mountains covered with tropical vegetation and its colourful Colonial cities will give you a reason to smile a least till next winter. More into Reggae than Rumba? Head for the beaches of Jamaica. Authentic and secret, this legendary Rasta island vibrates to a unique and mixed rhythm. Not to mention the idyllic Antilles. Boost your mood with a class of punch on the beach!

In Asia

Spiritual retreat and holistic care amateurs will love Southern India for its unique relaxation moments. Deep in the coconut groves of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Indian beaches and luxurious resorts shine under the March sun. Not far from here, the surfers of Sri Lanka play in the waves of Hikkaduwa while others lay out their beach towel on the secret beaches of the South west. Between sacred temples and tea plantations, wild, trendy, desert or family-friendly beaches offer you a well-deserved rest under the palm trees. The 7,000 islands and islets of the Philippines might already be trying to lure you. The wild beauty of Palawan, the white sand of Bohol, the blue lagoons of Pamalican and the cliffs of Coron are the embodiment of you seaside dreams. Pack light for your trip to the Maldives, because you'll only need a swimsuit, flip-flops and a mask and snorkel.

On the American continent

The Caribbean coast of Mexico has all you need to relax, swim, re-energize and explore ancient temples hidden in the jungle. During the first three months of the year, the sea is warm, the sunshine is optimal and the rain is absent which adds to the tropical charm of this destination. But you might also be attracted by the deck-chairs of Belize, in the shade of the coconut palms. Here the activities are in harmony with the landscape: relaxation, swimming, snorkelling and jungle exploring. How to resist? Maybe by opting for Costa Rica! Nestled between two oceans, this ecotourism hot spot will make green become your favourite colour, unless blue steals the show... In Colombia, the whole chromatic palette will submerge your eyes. Cartagena, Isla de Baru and the wild beaches of Tayrona will bring culture, nature and relaxation lovers together.

In Africa and in the Middle-East

With its long stretches of golden sand, its permanent sunshine and 20°C sea temperature in March, Senegal is the place for you. In addition to that, the Savanna, mangrove, Island of Saint Louis and the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary are good enough reasons to incite you to get off your deckchair. Miles away from the Atlantic coast, the Red Sea coastline shelters premium seaside resorts, perfect for a spring getaway. Its colourful seabed and its proximity with Jordan and Israel make Eilat the ideal place to discover this region. Further West, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are a mix of immodoration, discoveries and relaxation by the water. Between luxury and skyscrapers, a sumptuous resort emerges from the white sand and gives a dreamlike atmosphere to your stay in the United Arab Emirates. And it is not a mirage...

Destinations you should avoid in March

Unless you prefer rainwater to seawater, you should avoid islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. It is not the best time to visit Indonesia and Northern Australia either, which are both about to go through the dry season. If you want a stay under the sun of French Polynesia or New Caledonia, you’ll have to wait a few more months for the wet season to end.