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Damien, founder of
Damien, founder of

February marks the end of winter. Yet, the cold weather is still present so you have begun to start dreaming of warmer temperatures and sunnier weather. You don't want to have to wait for the sun to come back to trade in your coat for a bathing suit? Get a head start by following the Sun, hidden between the Southern Hemisphere and the tropics. followed its trail from Cuba to Sri Lanka, and Thailand to Florida. Why? To give you all our best advice for your next sun holiday in February. Would you rather just relax in warm water far away from the crowds and the bad weather, or combine both the beach and discovery tours?

Our selection of mood-boosting destinations
  • Mexico
    68 to 82°
    Sea : 78°


    Between haciendas, Mayan culture and turquoise water, Mexico offers a well-deserved summer break in the middle of winter.

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  • Guadeloupe
    68 to 86°
    Sea : 80°


    Crystal clear water, a tropical jungle and sunshine - the perfect trio awaits you during February the shortest month of the year.

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  • Cuba
    62 to 80°
    Sea : 78°


    Enjoy a well-deserved winter break in Colonial cities, tropical forests, beaches and salsa. ¡Vamos a la playa!

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  • Costa Rica
    64 to 84°
    Sea : 80°

    Costa Rica

    Far from the bleak winter, la Pura Vida offers an amazing blend of beautiful landscapes and biodiversity.

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  • Senegal
    64 to 78°
    Sea : 69°


    From the beaches of Saly to the island of Gorée down to Saint-Louis, there is everything you need to forget about the grey winter sky.

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  • Sri Lanka
    73 to 91°
    Sea : 82°

    Sri Lanka

    In February, Sri Lanka previously known as Ceylon, promises sun filled discoveries, from tea plantations to beaches lined with coconut palm trees.

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  • Florida
    60 to 78°
    Sea : 75°


    Nothing sounds better than a holiday in Florida to take advantage of the warmth in the American 'Sunshine State'.

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  • Dominican Republic
    66 to 86°
    Sea : 78°

    Dominican Republic

    On the sunny beach, relax either with your feet in the sea or immerse yourself in the island's tropical nature, the cold of winter will seem so far behind you...

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  • Vietnam
    73 to 82°
    Sea : 77°


    Pagodas, Imperial cities, and the Mekong Delta shine as bright as the sun of South east Asia in February.

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  • Dubai
    60 to 77°
    Sea : 69°


    The gleaming sun on the futuristic buildings and the constant blue sky. Enough to make you forget about the gloomy winter.

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  • Martinique
    71 to 84°
    Sea : 80°


    Wake up in the heart of summer, on an idyllic beach on Flower Island, enjoy the golden sand and Creole culture.

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  • Thailand
    77 to 93°
    Sea : 84°


    You can either decide just to relax on a beautiful southern island or else explore the Imperial cities of the Kingdom of Siam, in the sun.

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All destinations sun and beach in february

february sunny destinations reveal themselves to your desires
Sort the columns and let the temperature of the sea and the intensity of sunlight guide you. Next stop: your dream destination
DestinationDays of sunshineSeaCultureLandscapeJourney timebudget
Belize 29° 16 26°
Benin 32° 26 28°
Brazil 31° 19 28°
Cambodia 31° 24 28°
Chile 22° 27 18°
Colombia 31° 28 26°
Costa Rica 34° 27 27°
Cuba 27° 25 26°
Dominica 28° 16 26°
Dominican Republic 30° 20 26°
East Coast 26° 19 24°
Guadeloupe 30° 7 27°
Guatemala 23° 24 28°
Guinea 28° 27 27°
Hawaii 27° 15 25°
Hong Kong 19° 15 19°
India 31° 27 27°
Jamaica 31° 21 27°
Maldives 31° 26 29°
Martinique 29° 8 27°
Mexico 32° 28 28°
New Zealand 21° 24 17°
Oman 27° 28 24°
Panama 34° 28 27°
Peru 28° 26 23°
Phillippines 31° 24 27°
Puerto Rico 29° 17 26°
Saint Barthélemy 29° 7 26°
Senegal 26° 27 21°
South Africa 29° 10 26°
Sri Lanka 33° 24 28°
Thailand 31° 25 28°
Togo 33° 27 28°
Trinidad and Tobago 31° 10 26°
Turks and Caicos Islands 27° 22 26°
United Arab Emirates 25° 24 21°
Uruguay 27° 18 23°
Venezuela 30° 25 26°
Zanzibar 25° 21 29°

*Durée trajet : durée approximative en avion depuis Paris

5 reasons to enjoy February winter sun

Follow your heart to…

Enjoy a holiday far away from the summer crowds

Top up on your vitamin D stock in the middle of winter

Take advantage of more affordable prices than during the rest of the year

Finally be able to put away your winter coat

Enjoy the privilege of going on a last minute trip just on a whim

Chase the winter sun

Guide of the best sunny destinations in February

If you are willing to deal with the rain in your everyday life, dealing with the rain while being on the other side of the world is different. In fact just hearing the word “rainfall” often causes most travellers to break out in a cold sweat, that is why guides you to the sunniest destinations. Follow the guide.

On a tropical island

The word “tropics” by itself can warm the temperature by a few degrees. So just imagine what awaits you as you approach the equator line... Feel like Robinson Crusoe on the most beautiful beaches of the Bahamas, sail from one lagoon to another in the Maldives and enjoy a change of scenery in the Canary Islands. The warm sand, the sound of the waves coming and going and the warm water temperature will immediately relax you...

In South East Asia

The sun is shining, the rainy season is long finished, the temperatures are still not too hot... everything you need to explore South east Asia in February. These countries steeped in culture and surrounded by the ocean, are a perfect location for both curious travellers and relaxation lovers. So many reasons to explore Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.. And why not even the seaside resort of Langkawi?

In the Middle-East

Opting for the desert in February is the surest way to avoid any rain. Even if the cold is still raging in Turkey... Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Egypt and the Sultanate of Oman are perfectly tuned in to the sunshine. Imagine that you're Lawrence of Arabia with your sunglasses and your chèche scarf. Unless you prefer to top up your tan in an idyllic resort in the Arabian sea, with you feet in the water.

The Indian subcontinent

Even if the weather remains a little cool in Rajasthan, on the beaches of Goa you can relax under the coconut trees. February is the perfect time to discover Southern India and Sri Lanka, immersed in warmth and nonchalant softness. Your main programme can include temple exploration, jungle immersion, Ayurvedic massages, amazing sunsets and relaxation lessons by the ocean.

Central America

Are you wondering where the sun went? Wonder no more. It was hiding in the Caribbean the whole time! Here, the season is dry, the weather is perfect, the temperature is pleasant... It's easy to imagine that the Maya Gods have blessed your winter getaway in Central America. February is also the perfect month to enjoy the fine sand of Belize, the secret beaches of Costa Rica and the Maya Riviera lifestyle.

Further in the Southern Hemisphere

Beyond the equator line, the reversed seasons take you to the heart of the Austral summer, in these places you are guaranteed sunshine. It is summer in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Zanzibar. Not to mention Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina On this side of the world, warmth is the word, helped of course by the vibrations of the Rio Carnival that makes the temperature go up even further on the exotic coasts of Brazil.

In the Mediterranean region

While the cold is still raging in northern Europe, the Mediterranean is just calling out to you. Even if you won't be able to tan on the beach , the sun is there to welcome you. It's not uncommon to see the temperature going above 20°C in Andalusia and a lot higher in the South of Morocco.

Destinations you should avoid in February

Unless you are into cyclones, typhoons or heavy rainfalls, you should avoid destinations near the Indian Ocean like the Reunion Island, Mauritius or Madagascar. Note that the heat is torrid in Indonesia and in northern Australia.