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Damien, founder of
Damien, founder of

Even if the Christmas holidays brought their share of warmth to your heart... the cold weather is still chilling to the bone. Unfortunately you can't count on the grey winter sky to cheer you up. No point in hoping for the sun to come out to be able to put on your swimming suit as summer is still a long time away, nor on relying on light therapy lamps to cure your vitamin D deficiency in January. The only real alternative to counter the winter gloom is to go to a sunnier destination . Why not head off to the Caribbean, Central America and South east Asia to get rid of the post-Christmas blues.

Our selection of mood-boosting destinations
  • Mexico
    66 to 80°
    Sea : 80°


    Between haciendas, the Mayan culture and turquoise water, Mexico offers a well-deserved summer break in the middle of winter.

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  • Guadeloupe
    68 to 86°
    Sea : 80°


    Crystal clear water, a tropical jungle and sunshine - the perfect trio awaits you for the first month of the year.

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  • Cuba
    62 to 78°
    Sea : 78°


    Enjoy a well-deserved winter break in Colonial cities, tropical forests, beaches and salsa. ¡Vamos a la playa!

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  • Costa Rica
    64 to 82°
    Sea : 80°

    Costa Rica

    Far from the bleak winter, La Pura Vida offers an amazing mixture of beautiful landscapes and biodiversity.

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  • Senegal
    64 to 78°
    Sea : 73°


    From the beaches of Saly to the island of Gorée down to Saint-Louis, there is everything you need to forget the grey winter sky.

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  • Sri Lanka
    71 to 89°
    Sea : 82°

    Sri Lanka

    In January, Sri Lanka previously known as Ceylon, promises sun filled discoveries, from tea plantations to beaches lined with coconut palm trees.

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  • Florida
    60 to 78°
    Sea : 75°


    Nothing sounds better than a holiday in Florida to take advantage of the warmth in the American 'Sunshine State'.

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  • Dominican Republic
    68 to 86°
    Sea : 80°

    Dominican Republic

    On the sunny beach, relax either with your feet in the sea or immerse yourself in the island's tropical nature, the cold of winter will seem so far behind you...

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  • Vietnam
    71 to 80°
    Sea : 77°


    Pagodas, Imperial cities, and the Mekong Delta shine as bright as the sun in South east Asia in January.

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  • Dubai
    59 to 75°
    Sea : 69°


    The gleaming sun on the futuristic buildings and the cloudless blue sky. Enough to make you forget about the gloomy winter.

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  • Martinique
    71 to 84°
    Sea : 80°


    Wake up in the heart of summer, on an idyllic beach on Flower Island, and enjoy both the golden sand and the Creole culture.

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  • Thailand
    77 to 91°
    Sea : 82°


    You can either decide just to lay back on a beautiful southern island or else explore the Imperial cities of the Kingdom of Siam, in the sun.

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All destinations sun and beach in january

january sunny destinations reveal themselves to your desires
Sort the columns and let the temperature of the sea and the intensity of sunlight guide you. Next stop: your dream destination
DestinationDays of sunshineSeaCultureLandscapeJourney timebudget
Belize 28° 13 26°
Benin 31° 28 27°
Brazil 31° 23 28°
Cambodia 31° 27 28°
Chile 23° 28 17°
Colombia 31° 30 27°
Costa Rica 33° 29 27°
Cuba 26° 28 26°
Dominica 28° 15 27°
Dominican Republic 30° 18 27°
East Coast 26° 20 24°
Guadeloupe 30° 5 27°
Guatemala 22° 27 28°
Guinea 28° 29 28°
Hawaii 27° 16 25°
Hong Kong 20° 22 19°
India 32° 30 27°
Jamaica 31° 22 27°
Maldives 31° 26 28°
Martinique 29° 9 27°
Mexico 32° 30 28°
New Zealand 20° 26 17°
Oman 26° 30 24°
Panama 33° 30 28°
Peru 27° 27 22°
Puerto Rico 28° 18 27°
Saint Barthélemy 29° 6 26°
Senegal 26° 29 23°
South Africa 29° 11 26°
Sri Lanka 32° 24 28°
Thailand 31° 29 27°
Togo 32° 29 28°
Trinidad and Tobago 31° 10 27°
Turks and Caicos Islands 27° 24 26°
United Arab Emirates 24° 26 21°
Uruguay 28° 23 24°
Venezuela 30° 26 26°
Zanzibar 25° 19 29°

*Durée trajet : durée approximative en avion depuis Paris

5 reasons to enjoy January winter sun

Follow your heart to…

Enjoy the luxury of travelling during the off-peak season and avoid the crowds

Get a breath of warm air in the middle of winter

Have a large selection of far away and exotic destinations

Trade in your winter coat for flip-flops, tank tops and shorts

Be able to travel at the last minute at really competitive prices

Chase the winter sun

Guide of the best sunny destinations in January

Would you like to just sunbathe and take a break away from the gloomy and cold January atmosphere. guides you to the most beautiful and sunniest spots on the planet. Anywhere from the golden sand of the Caribbean, to the clear waters of Thailand and the secret beaches of Sri Lanka, little paradises await you to make your dream holiday come true.

South East Asia

At the beginning of the year, the sun finds its way back to Vietnam and Cambodia, and their lush landscapes at the end of the monsoon season. This is the perfect time to explore the temples of Angkor and the Mekong Delta before finishing off your trip in the Gulf of Thailand sea. Surrounded by so many different turquoise shades, the Ko Rong and Phu Quoq islands are choice destinations for anyone looking for beautiful seaside resorts. But the islands of the 'Land of smiles', located not far away from there, may already be trying to tempt you!. Pleasant temperatures and little rainfall, January is the perfect time to lay down your beach towel on the sand of Koh Chang, Koh Phi Phi or Koh Tao with their lagoons and creeks where the water temperature is at 28°C . What more could you ask for... A fresh exotic fruit smoothie perhaps?

The Indian subcontinent

India is better known for its Rajput palaces than for its beaches. Yet, just near the Dravidian temples, the country of Gandhi shelters beautiful sandy treasures. To combine both relaxation and Ayurvedic care, or to combine water sports and hippie-chic vibes, Varkala and Goa are the perfect places to go. If you are looking for forgotten paradises, you may prefer the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, lost on the borders of the Bay of Bengal. Palm trees, fine sand, diving spots and primitive jungles - everything you need to feel like Robinson Crusoe!. Under the latitudes of Sri Lanka, the white sand of “the Tear of India” adds the perfect finishing touch to your immersion in the tea plantations. Not to mention the Maldives, which offer the key to a heavenly holiday. Huts on stilts, colourful dives and swimming: pure paradise.

In the Caribbean

The rain which leaves behind a lush vegetation that flourishes under the sun of Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Those who only have eyes for deep blue water can meet up under the coconut palm trees of the Dominican Republic. Its 27°C water, the Samana peninsula and humpback whales parading offshore make it a top destination in January. Spanish Colonial architecture amateurs will love Cayos de Cuba. Colourful cities, captivating music and a laid back atmosphere give this largest island in the Caribbean a unique atmosphere. Hedonists and sun tanning enthusiasts will love the heavenly coves of the French West Indies. From the Windward Islands to the Leeward Islands, you will be transported to paradise.

On the American continent

In Central America, both the rain and torrid heat have passed... therefore all the ideal conditions are gathered together to explore these parts of the New World during the first month of the year. Enjoy the biodiversity of Coast Rica, that extends from the Caribbean Coast to the Pacific, surrounded by fifty shades of blue. Blue like the water of the new Latin Eldorado, Colombia, and its colourful facades of Cartagena of the Indies. Colourful like Mexico with its blend of different cultures, Maya sites and golden sand. Golden like the sunshine of Florida that will lift your mood for a year. Of course, it is hot on the mythical beaches of Rio de Janeiro during the Austral summer, and the Carioca city is preparing for the most famous carnival of all. But the seaside resorts of Salvador de Bahia and of the Nordeste are also very pleasant at this time of year.

United Arab Emirates

January is the perfect time to travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in terms of weather. The 21°C sea, the gleaming skyscrapers and the cloudless sky are all the ingredients for an ideal winter break. Desert, palm groves and the dazzling wadis of Oman are pleasant to explore before the scorching heat season has not yet taken up its quarters in the Arabian Peninsula. Of course, beach culture is not really a part of the nomadic and authentic experience. But you can always extend your stay in a seaside resort, with your feet in the water. In fact, in the country of Sinbad the Sailor, there are many exceptional resorts, nestled in the mountains and facing the sea.

Destinations you should avoid in January

Going to Indonesia, Polynesia or the Seychelles are a bit too risky in order just to escape the cold weather. The heat and rain are rife there at the beginning of the year. The Indian Ocean islands off the coast of Africa, are also not the best bet, because of the rainy season that causes high risks of cyclones in Madagascar, Mauritius and the Reunion Island.