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Damien, founder of
Damien, founder of

August is the time for the big summer break. With the sunny weather, temperatures continuing to rise and the long summer days, the urge to go to the water's edge is more and more pressing... Fortunately, there is such a wide range of seaside destinations available to go to that they can make you dizzy. But between a Mediterranean island, a spot on the French coast or a disant paradise sheltered under the tropics, to choose which can sometimes prove to be difficult. Our team has followed the sun's rays to guide you to your destination. A place where happiness is recognizable by the soothing sound of the waves on the shore, the sound of cicadas, the joy of a nice lunch on a terrace and the different shades of the seemingly unending blue horizon. So many special moments to be shared... And of course to be booked before it is too late.

Our selection of mood-boosting destinations
  • Balearic Islands
    66 to 89°
    Sea : 78°

    Balearic Islands

    A charming Mediterranean archipelago where the risk of love at first sight outweighs the risk of sunburn.

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  • Corsica
    64 to 84°
    Sea : 80°


    A mysterious and radiant Mediterranean island, the Island of Beauty is about to enchant you all summer long.

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  • Portugal
    68 to 84°
    Sea : 73°


    Along the endless expanses of sand, the fishing villages, lively nights and Fado music are all part of the sweet melodies of a trip to Portugal.

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  • Turkey
    73 to 93°
    Sea : 82°


    Antique historical sites, a hearty and delicious cuisine and not without mentioning the beaches of the Aegean coast... In August, Turkey will be a delight for all the senses.

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  • Greece
    75 to 86°
    Sea : 80°


    Antique historical sites, paradisical islands, the striking beauty of the Mediterranean sea will dazzle all your sense !

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  • Canary Islands
    71 to 82°
    Sea : 71°

    Canary Islands

    Bathed into the ocean, shaped by the winds and caressed by the sun of June, the Canary Islands are treasures, in both diversity and beauty.

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  • Sicily
    73 to 86°
    Sea : 78°


    Bathing in sunshine, culture and the scent of citrus fruits, Sicily is a destination that you cannot refuse...

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  • Bali
    73 to 84°
    Sea : 82°


    Be tempted by the serene tranquillity of Bali, the magnetic and aptly named "island of the Gods".

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  • Bahamas
    77 to 91°
    Sea : 84°


    Because its waves have outlined a dream island, and because the bright July sun is still glowing... and because you only have just one life.

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  • Tunisia
    75 to 93°
    Sea : 80°


    Big blue sky over archaeological sites, sand dunes, oases and Medinas, while never being too far from the deckchair !

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  • Bulgaria
    64 to 84°
    Sea : 77°


    Bursting with historical treasures, festive effervescence and the fine sand of the black sea will open new horizons to you.

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  • Mauritius
    60 to 71°
    Sea : 75°


    Coral reefs, turquoise lagoons, one could say that the Sea is everywhere. All you have to do is to slip into the picture.

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  • French Riviera
    64 to 84°
    Sea : 71°

    French Riviera

    Far from simply being limited to the chic of its Riviera, the Côte d'Azur has mastered the art of both a glamorous and relaxed way of life.

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  • Spanish coasts
    69 to 80°
    Sea : 71°

    Spanish coasts

    For a cure of sunshine, culture, joie de vivre and cosmopolitan nights, Spain is the ideal place to be. Vamonos !

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  • Languedoc Roussillon (France)
    66 to 84°
    Sea : 69°

    Languedoc Roussillon (France)

    Fragrant garrigue, Southern flavours, fine sandy beaches and cultural heritage revive your taste for summer strolls !

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  • Malta
    73 to 89°
    Sea : 78°


    Geological wonders, crystal clear sea and secret coves form the outline of a Mediterranean dream.

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  • Cape verde
    75 to 84°
    Sea : 78°

    Cape verde

    Head to the “small country” of the famous singer Césaria Evora. From dunes, fumaroles and diverse cultures, each island is a journey in itself.

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  • Sardinia
    69 to 89°
    Sea : 77°


    Here remain your dreams of unspoilt and bright blue horizons, your most beautiful memories of sunny holidays will begin here.

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  • Reunion Island
    64 to 77°
    Sea : 75°

    Reunion Island

    Hiking enthusiasts, aspiring explorers, insatiable adventurers and relaxation lovers, we have found your dream destination !

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  • Madeira
    69 to 78°
    Sea : 71°


    Its subtropical climate, lush gardens, stunning views and golden beaches are an endless source of admiration.

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  • Morocco
    64 to 86°
    Sea : 69°


    Oases, deserts, palaces, endless beaches and the Atlas valleys will increase your heartbeat in the land of the setting sun.

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  • French Basque Country
    62 to 78°
    Sea : 71°

    French Basque Country

    Surfing sessions, relaxation, tapas and bars, discoveries, you will fall for the Basque country's way of life !

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  • Crete
    71 to 84°
    Sea : 78°


    The island that was blessed by the Greek Gods of sunshine and beauty is a tribute to the quintessential beauty of the Mediterranean.

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  • Croatie
    71 to 84°
    Sea : 77°


    Under the Croatian sun in July, historical cities, dream islands and the warm waters of the intense blue Adriatic Sea: everything is there !

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  • Cyprus
    73 to 87°
    Sea : 80°


    Under the sun of July, the golden beaches and the ancient wonders radiate altogether with great beauty. Cyprus ? Go for it!

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All destinations sun and beach in august

august sunny destinations reveal themselves to your desires
Sort the columns and let the temperature of the sea and the intensity of sunlight guide you. Next stop: your dream destination
DestinationDays of sunshineSeaCultureLandscapeJourney timebudget
Aquitaine 28° 15 20°
Australia 32° 30 26°
Azores 25° 15 24°
Bali 29° 29 26°
Barcelona 29° 22 26°
Basque Country 26° 13 22°
Brazil 28° 16 30°
Britanny 22° 21 18°
Bulgaria 29° 22 25°
Camargue 29° 21 22°
Canary Islands 28° 30 22°
Corsica 29° 25 27°
Crete 29° 31 26°
3 h
Croatia 31° 25 25°
Cyprus 31° 31 27°
Egypt 37° 31 28°
Fiji 26° 12 28°
French Polynesia 29° 23 26°
21 h
French Riviera 28° 23 24°
Greece 33° 30 26°
Hawaii 32° 19 27°
Ibiza 31° 27 26°
Israel 31° 31 29°
Jersey 21° 29 17°
Kenya 28° 15 25°
Languedoc-Rousillon 29° 21 21°
Madagascar 26° 28 24°
Madeira 26° 26 23°
Malaysia 32° 13 29°
Mallorca 32° 27 26°
Malta 32° 28 26°
Mauritius 22° 7 24°
Mayotte 28° 27 26°
Menorca 30° 26 26°
Montenegro 33° 26 25°
Morocco 26° 30 23°
Normandy 22° 18 17°
Northern Spain 24° 17 21°
Poitou-Charentes 25° 19 21°
Portugal 29° 29 20°
Provence 30° 24 25°
Réunion 25° 15 24°
Sardinia 32° 27 25°
Sicily 33° 28 26°
Southern Italy 31° 26 26°
Spanish Coasts 31° 25 26°
Tanzania 29° 24 25°
The Bahamas 33° 8 29°
Tunisia 34° 27 25°
Turkey 35° 31 25°
West Coast 25° 30 20°
Zanzibar 23° 22 25°

*Durée trajet : durée approximative en avion depuis Paris

5 reasons to enjoy the August sun

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Enjoy the pleasures of summer in August
Enjoy a myriad of nearby and exotic destinations
Pack your kids with you for their pleasure as well as yours
Have a large selection of travel destinations all around the world
Enjoy the long and bright summer days

Chase the sun

Guide of the best sunny destinations in August

The month of the glowing sun, paid leave and school holidays generates beach time cravings more than anything else. Because each summer destination has a unique momentum that justifies the whole trip on its own, our team will help you out to avoid missing out on it by guiding you towards destinations that are meant for you. The sea is waiting for you, set your clock on relaxation mode !

In France

The southern coast of France is right on your doorstep. Mythical, glamorous, this is your summer destination! The charm of its hinterland, rival the wild beauty of Corsica and its stunning blue skies and lively evenings are promises of beautiful memories. Whoever prefers the invigorating sea spray of the Atlantic should have his heart set on the Ile de Ré or the immense beaches of the Landes which run along the shade of the pine forests. And why not the Basque Country ? From Biarritz to Hendaye, there is always a nice beach to quench your thirst for relaxation and a wave to invigorate you. But perhaps you prefer to set sail for Brittany ? The island of Bréhat and its microclimate, Belle-Île en Mer and its turquoise waters will delight any nature lovers in quest of a nice getaway.

On a Mediterranean Island

The Mediterranean basin is bordered by a myriad of beaches each more beautiful than the next, is therefore a natural choice. In the Cyclades, the art of living and romantic life are a cultural trait. The spectacular scenery offered by the nestled villages on the cliffs will delight you after a good swim. But here stands Sicily, charming in many ways, it’s way of life and delicious cuisine will attract you to its coasts, proudly dominated by the Etna volcano. No wonder why you’re not the only one on the beach. Finally, Ibiza and its secret coves, clear waters and its festive spirit, will captivate you all the way into the night.

Southern Europe

The season is in full swing on the Spanish coast, bathed in sunshine, beaches and vibrant night-life. What more could you ask for... Charming, authentic villages perhaps? Drive a few kilometres from the Costa del Sol O , and like a miracle, Ronda, Mijas and Vejer de la Frontera open their arms out to you. Not very far from here, on the Portuguese coast, the Algarve region rewards travellers with pretty sandy presents nestled at the foot of steep cliffs. In these areas caressed by the ocean sprays, fortified cities, fishing villages and hiking trails are just a few steps away from the beaches. In the south, the beaches of Apulia offer fifty different shades of blue under their Blue Flag labels. Stretching from the Adriatic to the Ionian Sea, the heel of the Italian boot offers a rare combination of historical heritage, white coloured villages and seaside resorts.

Arab-Muslim lands

Enjoy with your loved ones, family or friends the pleasure of beach days and stop thinking about the potentially bad weather! Enjoying life, that is what you will do in Djerba and Hammamet with their waters vary from 25 to 27°C/80°F. Sea lover? Follow the trade winds to reach the Moroccan littoral in the company of seagulls. Surfing and kite surfing spots, family beaches and wild coves follow one another from Essaouira to Agadir via Mirleft and Dakhla. Are you more into sea and culture? You have to go to the Turkish Riviera! Lazing on a paradise beach and exploring an ancient city dating back more than 3 millennia in the same day is possible on the Aegean coast.

Off the coast of Africa

A beach in the middle of the Ocean, its white hot sand you can feel under your feet. Its turquoise waters tickling your toes and the unending blue horizon ... The rays of the sun caressing your skin... All of which are an ordinary day on a beach in Cap Verde. But to a certain extent, it’s more or less the same beautiful scenery on the Canary Islands or in Madeira. Change of scenery on Maurice island , if you’re looking for beautiful beaches embellished with multi-coloured coral reefs, the Reunion Island offers you a surprising range of circuses, plantations, mountains and lagoons. But perhaps you would prefer Madagascar, the red island or Mayotte and its clear waters where it's possible to swim right now....

In Asia

There is no need to pray to Brahma, Shiva or Sanghyang Widi, the Supreme Divinity, for good weather in Bali ! Against the tide of its Asian sisters, going through the monsoon period, the island of the Gods finds itself right in the sun's axis during the eighth month of the year. The exceptional mildness, the tropical vegetation, the different fragrances of incense, the enchanting music and the rice terraces that glisten under the sun: everything evokes Eden. Your main concern? Waking up early enough not to miss the magnificence sight of the rising sun on Mount Batur or Agung, the sacred volcano culminating at more than 3,100m. More travellers have now gone to Lombok, Flores or even East Malaysia where the monsoon period is finishing. What better refuge than the Sabah region, in the north of the island of Borneo, to reconnect with yourself and allow time to just go by....

On the American continent

“The West Coast has the sunshine” said the Beach Boys in 1965. The legendary Surf rock band was not mistaken. The month of August is definitely the best time to visit the American Golden State if you’re looking for a sunny destination ! The sun rays warms the atmosphere all the way from San Diego to the beaches of Santa Monica, to the greater enjoyment of beach lovers, surfers and travellers. But maybe you prefer sailing off the shores of Brazil or turn into an explorer for a day on the Island of Fernando de Noronha.? From coral reefs to the dolphin choreographies, to the incomparable biodiversity of the archipelago: everything here is designed for relaxation.

In Oceania

No sooner having set foot on these overseas countries that are lost in the immensity of the South Pacific, that life takes on another dimension. No one really knows what slows down the course of time here. Perhaps it's the blue lagoons, the lush forests or the stunning mountains on these islands? But one thing is sure, French Polynesia is a rare gem when it comes to sea resorts and seaside jewels. Seize the opportunity to visit Fiji while you’re exploring the South Seas. Intense and translucent, the incredible azure of the blue sky and the ocean explain the green of the forests in an breathtaking way. This explains why dreams are potentially endless !

Destinations you should avoid in August

It is better to avoid the Caribbean, which is the main target of morning showers and cyclones. The monsoon, which is pouring over South Asia is also likely to disrupt the weather conditions of your trip to Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam. No raindrops on the Arabian Peninsula, but transpiration drops.... It’s hot, really hot! Unless you want to melt or spend your days in Dubai's air-conditioned shopping malls, avoid the sweltering sun in the United Arab Emirates in August.